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Volkl Bridge or Armada ARV

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I currently ski on Volkl AC30's and looking for a second ski. I need an all mountain ski, that will give me better control in powder, the park and perhaps some soft bumps.

I am 6' 3", 210 lbs and a level 7-8 skier.   

I am use to the stiffness of the Volkl line, but considering getting the 2010 ARVs.   Just to have something different in my ski bag.  My AC30's are 177, and I am leaning towards getting the 185 in the Bridge or ARV.

Any advice would be appreciated.    I did read most the other threads on this subject, but could not find anybody with a similar build to me.


PS.  If anybody is selling a Bridge or ARV, please send me a message.    
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These are both great skis.  I demoed both looking for the same type of ski that you are.  I am an advanced skier who skis mostly off piste and a lot of bumps as well.  Honestly, I loved both skis.  The ARV was a smidge softer but not noodley by any means.  They handle really well in variable conditions and are great 1 ski quivers.  The Bridge is slightly narrower underfoot but its really not that noticeable.  The Bridge seems to carve a little bit better but that's going to due to its slightly greater stiffness underfoot.  I ultimately went with the Bridge b/c I got a great deal on it late last season ($300).  I have skied it almost every day this year.  I probably would have gotten the ARV just to try something different but I was unable to find the same deal.  I think you can't go wrong and should go with whichever you can find cheaper.  You've narrowed it down to 2 great skis.  
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I have not skied the ARV. But this year I replaced my Armada AR6 with the Volk Bridge. I love the Bridge. It kills in most everything. The Armadas are a little softer and that bothered me at times for what I was skiing. If you like the feel of the Volkl, you won't be disappointed with the Bridge.
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I have the both AC30's and the ARV.  For hardpack at speed the ARV is OK, not noodley as I expected, but it excels in deeper snow.  For packed bumps the AC30 is better, but put a few inches of snow on it and the ARV rocks. The AC30 is demanding in technique while the ARV is more playful.  I like having both and next year after I move to Colorado I plan on taking both with me when skiing.  They are a great compliment to each other.  Make sure you get the ARV's 5 cm longer then the AC30's as they are twin tips.

P.S.  I am 5'-9" and 155 lbs.
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