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Trip Reports for the "Utah 2/15-2/22 anyone gonna be there?" get-together

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My son Kevin, his friend Phil, and I (mdf = MIke) spent a week skking in Utah, part of which was a small Epic get-toghether.  There have been a few pics in the get-together thread, but I thought I'd start a Trip Report thread.
We stayed at the Majestic Rockies Motel in Sandy -- $245 for three beds for a week.

Our itinerary was Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird, Snowbasin, Snowbird (Team Loel), Brighton, Park City.

We skied with Maui Steve and his son Nick four days, Dirk and Daphne (from the Netherlands) and Vince F (who is local) one day, and theconz for one weather-abbreviated day.  Had a good time skiing and meeting and socializing with other Epic Skiers.

Phil is a snowboarder; he had never been out west. He was blown away, but definitely not intimidated. He kept saying, “its easy because the snow is good.” I heard him telling his Dad he might move to Utah. Phil has a skier-ish style, and loves bumps and trees. During the trip he started getting into drops as well. He started out hating traverses, but I think he came to understand the need for them by the end.
On Sunay 2/14/2010 we skied Solitude. The steep stuff between the top of Powderhorn and the bottom of Summit was a fun challenge for all of us.  After skking that a few times, the Headwall Forest (a single black from the top with a lot of terrain variation was a ton of fun. I think that was one of my favorite runs of the week. It was hard enough (and steep enough) to be interesting but easy enough to relax and flow.
We found some deep(ish) powder on the far side of Honeycomb canyon. Turns out we had forgotten how to ski powder over the summer. I have some amusing video I’ll post once I get it uploaded.
One cool spot at Solitude is the Black Forest to skiers right when you get off the Navarone chair in Honeycomb.  It is all mature trees with no low branches.  The canopy makes it dark in there.  Very different!


On Monday we did Brighton.  Visibility was mixed.  It was ok in the trees but came and went on open slopes.
Here is a pair of videos of me and Phil skiing into the trees at Brighton.  The trees there are very under-used, more than at the other SLC areas, it seems.  Our camera guy actually set up a little too soon -- the tees start for real and it gets steep just about where I dissapear.  Still, I like it.  Just a relaxed run in good snow.

Late in the day I managed to tweak my knee.  I was crawling down an open face in bad visbility, not really skiing because I couldn't see.  My tails got hung up and I heard / felt one knee go "grunk-grunk".  That night I bought new goggles, at least three (and probably five) times as expensive as my previous pair.  They seem to help, but are not a panecea.  Talk about locking the barn door after the horse is gone...
The knee wasn't too bad the rest of the trip -- it didn't hurt if I skied correctly, but if I forcefully twisted that ski (or jolted it sideways, like hitting a root) it hurt.  Now, a week and a half later, it is almost back to normal -- a bullet dodged, thank goodness.  (Getting hurt did make be a bit defensive and timid -- not a good thing for my technique.)

Tuesday was a bluebird day with about 5 inches of fresh at Snowbird.  My favorite run was a long pitch of (very) low angle untracked powder under the Mineral Basin chair (the one that does not go back to the frontside).  Late morning we met up with the Mauis and skied the rest of the day with them.  Turns out the three boys are very compatible.  They are in the same grade, ski / boarding) at a similar level, and like to jump off stuff.

Here is a photo of Kevin crashing.  It made an impressive powder cloud.

Wednesday was a day of extremely poor visiblity at Snowbasin with the Mauis and theconz.
This is me, NOT all that far away from the camera.

The bunny slope cleared up some, so we decided to rescue the day by teaching Phil to ski.  That deserves a post all its own.

Thursday Kevin and I did Team Loel at Snowbird .. www.epicski.com/forum/thread/92542/team-loel-at-snowbird-th-18-feb-2010
Phil boarded by himself, since everyone else was going to Alta.  That evening we got together for the big group dinner.

Friday we went back to Brighton with the Mauis. 

Saturday we went to Park City (which is a shorter drive than I expected) with the Mauis, Vince F, Dirk and Daphne.  We had a nice lunch in town at Zoom.  After lunch we all went up to Jupiter Bowl and had a great time.  I've got some photos of the group skiing, but I'll have to add them later.
More later...
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Two videos from our first day (Sunday at Solitude) showing that 2 of the 3 of us had forgotten how to ski powder over the summer.
Here I am -- oops.

And here is Phil making more or less the same mistake, right as he comes off the packed traverse.

Have a good laugh at my expense!
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Too funny, love the powder dives.  That run at Brighton looks really nice and you guys got the snow; one more place to put on the list.
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 Thanks for sharing.  This was mosdef a trip report worth reading.  Nice videos....
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I'm glad you like my TR.  I got a waterproof Panasonic TS1 for christmas, and I am loving it.  It will take full HD movies.

About those Snowbasin bathrooms.  They may be opulent, but they are STILL IN THE BASEMENT!
What is up with that?  As a protest, I used the elevator instead of the stairs.

Tuesday at Snowbird was bluebird. Beautiful


Kevin found a chute with a belay rope.  A bit unusual....



Friday back at Brighton.  This is Phil & Kevins most successful cinematographal experiment.

Saturday at Park City was our most extensive get together.
Here Phil and Dirk ham it up.


We did a lot of long blues to get from one side of the resort to the other.  Here is Kevin, Dirk, and Steve.
Kevin usually carried the camera, so there are not a lot of photos of him.


We skied down to the Town Lift and had lunch at a place called Zoom.  The food was great, but the long commute did take a bit longer than I expected.  Going around the table we have my place, Phil, Vince, Kevin, Nick, Dirk, Daphne, and Steve.


After lunch we headed up to Jupiter Bowl.  Some of us skied trees and some the open faces.

Here, Kevin discovers why is it prefered to have both ski tips go on the same side of the branch.

Daphne in the Jupiter trees, and Dirk.


Nick drops in

A wonderful trip.  I love Utah.

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All Iwant to know is ..... who is responsible for Phil?
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Wasn't that you?
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Thanks for the photos. Wish I was back there. I believe I've come to the conclusion that I like ski trips better than work. Surprising I know. 
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I think we were taking turns looking after him. Although for a first timer that was unbeliveable that he could ski that well!

I am gonna be back there 3/12-3/16 and am gonna try some of the stuff you guys skied last time while I was off doing the groomed blues and blacks. Gotta step up sometime.

Steve aren't you gonnabe out there again soon also? 
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Great report!! Love the pics. Am at work now, euh... oops...
Will post some pics too this evening.

What about getting together next year. Say March?
No flight-tickets available yet though.
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Here's a link to pictures a friend of us made while we where in Wyoming (Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee). We went to there after our week in Utah.

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Link in former post didn`t work. Is corrected now. Thanks for notifying me John!

And hey Mike, please tell Phil that I bought a purple trouser after he told me I would be good enough to wear a bright colored one
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Mike, great pics!  Hope you come back soon.

Dirk, looks like Wyoming was fun. I will have to make it up there with you next year.
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This was our first ski-day (02/16). We went to Solitude where we met John and Vince. First two pictures are taken at Honeycomb showing Daphne and Vince. Third photo is a group-photo (Daphne switched to here snowboard) and the last photo shows our "finish of the day" (without the jacuzzi). P 1030538.JPGP 1030544.JPGP1030553.JPG
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On 02/17 Daphne and I went to Snowbird. Starting practicing our first "cliff-"jumps.
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On 02/18 The group grew bigger and became a little epic get-together.
First picture shows Dirk, Nick, Steve, Vince, Daphne and John at Alta.
Second and third picture is Vince (on the third going of a cliff. Picture is from a little movie so quality is less).
In the evening other members of the forum joined for diner at Beppo di Bucca.
Fourth and fifth picture; going around the table, starting left: Mike, John, Vince and his wife Sharon, Kevin, Daphne, Dirk, Steve, Nick and Phil.

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02/19 Powder Mountain


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02/20 we went to Park City. After lunch we mainly skied Jupiter bowl with some fresh powder. That was great!
First pic: Nick, Kevin, Daphne, Vince, Dirk Mike, Steve and on the ground Phil.
Second pic: Phil going through the Aspens.
Third: heading for lunch.
Fourth: lunch at Zoom


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Originally Posted by dirksuchy View Post

Link in former post didn`t work. Is corrected now. Thanks for notifying me John!

And hey Mike, please tell Phil that I bought a purple trouser after he told me I would be good enough to wear a bright colored one
I'll tell him.  He will be proud of you.
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Those powder dive bring back hilarious memories.. a face spear at Alta in wind-swept powder, i think all that was visible was rear end, and tails of skis poking out of snow!
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Hey Guys!


Check this out!




John, Vince, Nick, Kevin, Mike, Steve and Phil; are we gonna meet again???


Dirk and Daphne

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