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Sidewall planer usage questions

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Hey Folks: 

My new skiman sidewall planer came in the mail today.  I used it on my skis and it did a great job.  I screwed up a bit because I had the blade to far in and it skipped along the edge on one side by the tip.  Now I have these gouges in the metal above the edge.  I take it there is no way to fix this?

My other questions are: 
1. Since the blade is on one side do I go from tip to tail and the other side tail to tip or do I switch the screw/blade so I am always going tip to tail?
2. I am using the wrench that came with the tool to adjust the blade.  Should I be using those hand screws on the side to adjust?
3.  Do I need to do the tip and the end of the tail?  When I tried using the tool to do the tips it was awkward and the result was not that great or nice looking.  
4.  When I did my skis metal shavings and plastic came off on each pass.  With my wife skis I seem to be only getting plastic.  Should I keep going deeper until I get metal shavings?

The skis are Atomic Crimson Ti and Atomic Seventh Heaven if this helps.

Any help you can provide is much appreciated.


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Since visual aids always help:
You can sand out the gouges so they don't create drag or catch on the other ski, clothing, boots, etc. 1) I can't imagine that the direction of the planing and subsequent sanding matters. Good positioning to pull towards you versus getting into an awkward position is more important. 2) The screws adjust height and depth of cut. 3) The tips and tails are less of a tuning concern than the contact area between. 4) You need to use the lateral adjustment to just touch or slightly cut into the edge. The objective is to clear the plastic so your files and diamonds do not get loaded with debris. Similar to below:

Here's an SVST video on planing for some more insights:

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You should adjust the depth on the sidewall plane every time you use it, just good habit, that way you should minimize any skips, and not cut into the edge or metal laminates, remember, this is designed to remove sidewall material, not edge material or laminates.

I will say be careful though, I have seen many customers use a sidewall plane too much and will cut through a cap and often through the ABS of the sidewall.  You only need to remove enough material to allow your file to cut the edge without jamming up with sidewall/cap material
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