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C.R. Johnson how and why?

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My condolences.

I am curious they said he died after hitting his head, I also read that he had a helmet but that he hit the rocks face first then flipped around and hit the back of his head.  I am wondering, if the front or rear impact killed him.   Ski helmets are made like shit.
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post
somehow the tourists asking detailed questions about: what exactly happened  seemed goulish. I didn't answer any, out of respect. I thought: how is that your business. I don't know..... 

Public death and public grieving. You are surprised that "tourists" have questions?
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Ski helmets are not panaceas...they add a level of protection but there are limits....
I know more than a few alpine boarders that use a full face helmet. Your face is part of your head, too...
Disaster tourists come in all shapes and sizes. As for an undue fascination with death, I don't know that is because we're institutionalized death so much (like childbirth), nobody comes in contact with it and there's a curiosity or it's because Freud was right and we have an overriding urge to die (thanatos) that complements our natural urge to mate (eros)...
All I know is, I've seen a lot of people die all sorts of awful deaths. It (probably) happened so fast for CR that, all he knew, he was skiing at his home mountain with his friends. Sounds like a nice way to go. Hard for his family and friends, I know, right now, but, eventually, they remember the joy
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Yeah now that I see his the video that TC posted, it seems that not only did he often wear a full face, but judging by the little winglet on the back of the helmet it may have been actually a DOT motocross helmet....if that was the case then yeah, there was no way out of that one.  Though we don't know if that was the helmet he was wearing....he may have figured I am in a resort and not on camera so I probably wont be doing anything too gnarly..Ill wear this cheap open face ski helmet today...or a hit-n-explode POC helmet...who knows.....

With regards to tourists and even my query as to the cause of his death...I feel that especially when someone so accomplished is lost due to an accident that at the very least we should learn from it.   Of course respect is payed, but in EVERY death, we the living should know why we have lost one of our own so that we or our loved ones are not potentially would be stupid not to.  I would think that a person who obviously cherished life like he did and went as far as to bother to wear a full face DOT helmet, he would want nothing less for others than at least to show what mistakes not to make....who knows maybe they will make better helmets as a result of his accident.  POC supposedly is making things better after their junk blew up on national TV.  

RIP C.R. didn't know ya, but sad to see you go.
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I don't know, maybe its just me, I have been called cold hearted many a times, but when my mother died, in 92', she was hit by a car and crushed...they actually had to lift the car off her body.  I happened upon the scene where she was killed and saw the Mustang and the punk kid that did it; since I was driving home on the same road and it happened just a few blocks away from our house. I didn't know that it was were my mother had just been killed nor that before me stood her killer...I found out later.  

As horrible as the death was, as devastated as I and my family were and are still deeply affected by her loss.   I do not in any way shape or form feel that anyone is disrespecting her in any way if they ask me the details.   I feel it is my duty to let others know.   If it keeps her in conversation, she is then still a little alive, relevant and not forgotten, doesn't matter if they asked me the following day or now.   I don't seek out people to tell, but it does feel that when I do discuss it I think of her, remember her...its a good thing.   Though it saddens me when I tell the story, and I usually dream of her that night, it never crosses my mind that, "oh they just want something to discuss at the bar....or they dont care... or they are gore fans", and to be honest I don't care even if that is the case....bothers me none.  People always ask, how did she die if you dont mind me I dont mind, ask away, you didnt do it, and nothing will bring her back....if they improve that intersection and give homage to would be a great thing and she would be very happy, because that is the type of person that she was, she loved life but was not afraid of death.   I think at the very least C.R. was the same in that regard.

Ill shad-ap now......sorry.
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With respect to those from the Squaw community, I have separated posts that speculate on the cause or prevention of C.R.'s death so as to reserve the other thread for condolences and remembrances.  Similarly, I understand the need to ask the tough questions, but in a separate thread.

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RR, you are a good and respectful person. thanks for your sensitivity.

some people seem to push, and as it means so little to them, compared to people involved with CR's life, I don't trust the sentiment behind the questions. Even patrol are in a terrible state and not in a mood to answer idle questions. curiosity is just not enough.
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