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 I took a trip out to Sno Mountain today, almost didn't go because the roads were so bad (added about an extra hour to the trip out), but I was glad I took the trip. They had received probably 16" of snow in the last 2 days. I was getting face shots skiing on Smoke. (Sorry no pics ) They had their lift that services the left side of the hill (left as in trail map left) closed. To get over to that part required a traverse that was slightly uphill which meant not many people were there. I was making fresh tracks through the glades. There was only one or two skiers there and a half dozen ski patrol "examining" the area. Later in the day I had the whole side of the mountain to myself. I fell once in the glade when my ski went through a tree well and knocked me off balance. I had to hike back to the trail because the snow was up to just below my hip. I heard one local claim that in the 25 years he'd been skiing there this was the most snow he had ever seen at the mountain. Ski patrol even pulled back ropes to let people ski the lift lines, which are not even designated as trails.