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Hi, Everyone.

I just bought (delusions of grandeur, LOL) a pair of K-2 DISORDERLY TWIN TIPS which came without bindings.

What bindings would you suggest?

I already have a pair of perfectly good Rossignol skis. Don't ask me why I bought the K2s except for the fabulous reviews I read about it. Also, I mistakenly thought that the bottom color--orange with green design--was the top color and I love crazy, cheerful colors. Anyhow, when I found out that orange and green was the bottom color--the tops are so-so; multi-colored but boring--I decided not to buy the K2s. However, I then suddenly saw a pair of new ones advertised on eBay for such a fabulous price that I couldn't resist buying them. And now that leaves me next to no money to buy bindings for the K2s. (Serves my greedy little self right, LOL.)

Do bindings have to be the same brand as the skis? Do they have to match the performance style of the skis?

What do I do now?