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Rossignol Ski boots

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I am wondering if there is a general consensus on how rossignol ski boots fit? Are they generally a larger fit? smaller fit? tight in certain areas?

I am looking at some ski boots pending trying them on(yes i know thats the best thing to do) but i just want to get overall thoughts on Rossignol boots before inquiring more about them.

I am also looking at head edge 9 boots in which it seems everyone that has used them enjoy. Are there any regularities in how they fit whether they be good or bad?

All help is appreciated

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 Hi SoulSkiier27

Almost all of the Boot malefactors are making models that vary in width from about 95mm out to 105mm. I would recommend you read the WIKI at the top of the "Ask the boot guy's" area on how a boot should fit---then search far and wide to locate a reputable bootfitter (read "not a boot salesman" here) ,  close to you  and get his input on which boot will work best for your foot shape / skiing ability / weight, etc. 
      A boot purchase is usually a long term item, you wouldn't want to make the  most common mistake of buying a boot that is too big for your foot.  To answer you main question, we would need to see your feet, also the Head Edge is a very high volume boot, is your foot thick and meaty?
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