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you posted a result as shows in the general skiing index. that is rude. what, you have to be the glorious messenger. bad form.
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Which, of course, is why we should preface our posts with these random, or at least uninteresting, bits of filler. Like this. Should be sufficient, I think.

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 Vonn seems, I don't know, slow or something lately. That was a small slip by her right ski from which racers at this level should typically recover fairly seamlessly.

Schleper was once a slalom threat, but she's now second seed, and pretty far back in it today. The course is looking pretty soft.
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@quant2325 (and to the mods): the spoiler is a great feature, but it doesn't mask in the forum index.  To mask things, please enter some random text to fill the preview field.

The harsh language, davluri, is uncalled for.  Just chill.
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I did indeed use the spoiler feature and had no idea it would show up in the link to this forum!  I'll edit it out now.  But I did use the feature and type into the yellow.  Regardless,the first post giving the free link should be all that shows.  This is obviously a technical glitch.
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Blah blah SPOILER blah blah SPOILER blah blah SPOILER blah blah SPOILER blah blah SPOILER blah blah SPOILER blah

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What a run from Schleper!  Even with a bobble or two, she let 'em run.  She's in a great position to strike in the second heat!

And as I was suspecting this morning: the skiers with a light touch and good gliding ability are doing well (e.g. Riesch sisters, Schild, Zahrobska, Schleper), whereas the ice queens are overworking their skis and dumping time.
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Lorem ipsum and something more or less like that, just in case.

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 Surprisingly good run by Schleper. It conceivably could be turned into a medal, and should produce a nice result in any event (assuming people can accept there's such a thing as a non-medal nice result in the Olympics).
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Interesting analysis.  Maze and others seemed to edge too hard, too late in teh soft snow.  Schleper should have a great scream at the top of her next run.  Maybe it won't get warmer and rain...
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 Schleper had a nice run going until the mistake cost her a bunch...she was ahead by .41 at the second interval.  Oh well...

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Great race, though the second run was definitely more wet and sloppy than the first.

Congrats to Maria Riesch, Marlies Schild and Sarka Zahrobska for skiing with a light enough touch to kill those courses!

And too bad for Sara Schleper: she had a good run going but got caught behind near the bottom, dumping all kinds of time.
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