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Hi All:

First post!! In my quest for new skis I have to say that the epic forum has been super helpful!

Now, on to my question:

I have a chance to procure a new pair of 07 Volkl Tiger skis (brand new) without bindings for an unbelievable low price. The problem I am having is that neither Volkl nor marker want to talk about bindings other than what is either integrated (volkl) or send me to a dealer (Marker). I have no intentions of installing the bindings myself but want to purchase a new pair that would fit the Tigers (163s) which are 112-66-99. I have my eye onĀ  Marker Mod 11.0 Ti IBX Twin Cam bindings which should fit the 66 mid portion of the ski but I am not sure if (typically) the only mounting issue I should be aware of is the mid measurement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not want to spend $$ on both finding out later that they will not fit.