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East Coast Ski Recommendations

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I haven't researched skis for a long time so i'm looking for some recommendations. I have never been out west but enjoy skiing everything the north east has to offer. I've been skiing since I was 6 (20 years) but lately only make it out a few times per year. Anything resorts have to offer I'll ski, carving turns is fun and lately trees and bumps have become more and more fun. I did Tuckerman's Ravine a few years ago and that was the only time that I felt a little uncomfortable (maybe it was the hike up wearing me out :)). Reading around here I would probably describe myself as a Level 8 skiier - advanced and comfortable on everything but I don't go enough to really get to the expert level. I'm 5'9" ~180lbs.

I went to the local ski shop the other day and his recommendation was an Atomic Nomad Bluemoon. Researching that ski I wonder if it is a little below what I should be buying. His comment was that because I don't go a ton a $4-500 ski will do, and he recommended the Bluemoon over the Highnoon because it wasn't quite as stiff. What other options should I consider?
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Peter Keelty has reviews of many skis available for a 20 dollar subscription fee at expertskier.com.

I would recommend for skiing on groomed runs in the north east you should get something like Head i.speed, or Fischer WC RC. 

I also think the blue moon is a poor excuse for a ski
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 Hey Jred,

I've been skiing a thinner waist ski, the volkl tigersharks, which are 72mm underfoot. They work good for most days in New England. I got them with bindings for something like $600-700 a few years ago. They are stiff, and go really fast. I'm not a great bumps skiier (still working on it), but these skis  haven't made the learning process easier. For the occassional fresh snow day, these aren't the first choice I would have.

I have demo'd the dynastar legend a few years back, and loved it. I recently demo'd the Volkl AC50's and loved em. I would recommend them to anyone. Being volkl's, they are a bit on the stiff side. They are something like 85mm underfoot, so you can pretty much handle most days that the northeast can throw at you.

Good luck.

5'9"  175 lbs
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