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Instructor referral note $$

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A friend of mine just called and wanted to know of a trusted instructor at Lionshead for his little girl.

By way of example, if they were skiing in Ohio, I'd send them to Pierre eh or Powdigger

If they were going to the left coast, I'd send them to dchan or Eski.

Oregon, slider.

You get the point. That the first place I thought of was epic - to contact my buddy Oz.

So it is working. This really could be the source for trusted instructors across the country.

Cheers to all,
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Would this be a private lesson or a group lesson? Privates I can recommend individually but group lessons I can only tell you who is assigned and let you know the "best" of the bunch ... and we have an excellent bunch.

It is very busy up here and all instructors worth thier money are pretty much assigned.

All said and done I am "beach supervisor" (instructor meeting area between 8:30am and 10:00am) at Lionshead until after Easter so I can do personal introductions for you no problems.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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where is Lionshead?
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Lionshead is in Vail.
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Do you know a part-time level III named David Edwards who works out of Lionshead? I think he works about 35 days per year.
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