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Salomon Impact

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Is there any significant difference between a size 26 and 26.5 salomon impact 8 boot?  I am currently wearing a 27 salomon xwave boot that is too big (2-2.5 finger shell fit) and a bootfitter recommended that I buy a 26.5 salmon impact instead.  Can I get a size 26 instead of a 26.5? I'm trying to buy it online since the bootfitter didn't have any more of that size in stock.  Do you guys have any recommendations for a boot that is similar in shape to the salomon impact?  He said the width of the xwave fit me but the heel was too big and that the impact is a better choice. I just measured my foot too, it's 255mm long and 102mm wide. 26 a good fit?
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only the thickness of the factory footbed---in the 26 if is thicker under your toes--feels tighter---in the 26.5 it is thiner under the toes and feels roomier.  Get some custom footbed!
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 I noticed the 2010 Impact has a custom shell vs the 2009 model.  Is the custom shell worth it and will it make any difference in fit or is it just a gimmick?
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The new Impact Custom Shell is a usable feature in helping to widen the forefoot area of the boot, if You need that?  Is you foot wider than 100mm or would the 09 version work, it was certainly cheaper.  Other than being able to stretch the shell more easily the boots ski the same  .
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also check the 25 shell.  a LOT of people are finding that going from wave to impact they are dropping a shell size, even with the same shell fit....
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