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TR: Steamboat 2/25 - 2-27

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 Arrived in Steamboat yesterday and it started snowing last night.  By this morning the ski report had 5" new but by the time we got to the mountain there was at least 6".  It snowed pretty heavily all day and the mountain was pretty socked in with very poor visibility at the top...hence no pictures to post at the moment.

The legendary tree skiing was great today...especially in the 2:30 trees.  The snow in various areas of the trees off Wally World (due to visibility) were very good.  Had a couple of laps in Morningside that were very good.  Finished up the day with the Ridge to the meadow to Flying Z...all very good.  Quit a little early and got to the plaza in front of One Steamboat Place where there was a party watching a big screen showing the Nordic combined where the US won Gold and Silver, including one of Steamboat's own.  Needless to say the atmosphere was festive.

It is still snowing and expected to through the night.  Supposed to clear tomorrow so should be a great powder day.  Hopefully will be able to get some pictures to that Trekchik won' t have to post "this thread is worthless without pictures".  Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
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Can't wait for the pictures. 
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Very cool, yes, you know you can't post a TR and not have pics!  You know the rules.  ENJOY THE FRESHIES TODAY
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awsome, last weekend i showed up late at steamboat, 10:00 couldnt get my bros ace outta bed for the 2 1/2 hour drive, everything was skied out by the time i got there and conditions were less than perfect, found a few powder stashes but nothing good, get out there early and have some more fun
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 Awoke this morning to 4-8" of fresh powder.  It was classic Champagne Powder!  A multiple snowgasm day!!!  Headed to Morningside first and skied some laps there before dropping down The Ridge across the meadow to Flying Z.  I have never seen the Ridge in such good shape.  After lunch we spent our time hitting trees off of Sunshine.  

My brother(in red) and friend Dave before dropping in through the gate skier's left in Morningside.
The trees in Morningside.
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 No fresh powder today but mostly sunny.  Spent most of the day "ballroom skiing" on groomers but still managed to find some good snow...even though it was setting up a bit.  Here are some more pictures.






We had a great trip, but unfortunately have to head home early tomorrow morning.  Steamboat definitely delivered this week!
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 ^^^^^^^ Nice! ^^^^^^
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I see you found one of the most overlooked pow-stashes  Sweet.  Were you doing a little hiking?  I love that little area over there, some nice headwalls tasty trees (especially if you drop off the top of sun dial just as it starts to bend to the right at the top) there are some nice rocks up there too. Glad you got the goods!
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Finndog, you have a very sharp eye!  Indeed those pictures are from left of Sundial.  Those little pitches are great to ski when your legs are getting tired.  Not too long, then cruise, then drop into some more trees and repeat.  Yes we did hike through the gate past the cat track in the same area.  The snow was starting to set up due to its exposure but as you can see, still a lot of lines 2 days after the snow.

Home safely now but it was a great trip.  My brother just sent me a text saying it was a whiteout this afternoon.  Looks like more good skiing to come.
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 Those pics are $$$$$
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I thought those Ski Area Boundary signs looked familiar.  Was out there mid-Feb and loved the area to the left of Sundial - the big boulder, the easy trees, etc.  Did you hit the bumps on Sundown Liftline?  And yes the trees in Morningside, but especially on the Stormpeak side were fantastic.  Loved it and the 2-5 inches of fresh everyday.  Wonderful mountain.
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avalanche pic.jpg
Celebrating the end of a good ski trip


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nice! i look forward to posting pics march 16 on...
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