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Late Jan 2003

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I hope that I’m not stepping on anyones toes here but here goes.

I would like to offer a three day clinic at the time of the Bear gathering/camp, I think that such a multi-day format would be of the most benefit to the participants.

A group of five people would be ideal but one more or less would work great also. Gonzo, Ryan and someone else expressed intrest so one or two more and we will be ready to go.

If we get a group together for this thing we can start working out the details through PMs.

I don’t want to set any agendas before the group forms but I expect things that would be addressed would include; alignment issues, the art and mystery of carving, conditions that are available, etc. Activities will include snow blades, extreme carving toys and fun with bamboo. We might even get into a little duct tape.

Anyway, thats what I want to do at the Bear’s camp, if you want to join me sign up below or PM me

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I'm definatly interested, but I'd hate to take a spot if i'm not 100%, cause I'm still working out the logistics of getting out there...
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