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Okemo 2-24-2010

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So I'm watching to weather unfold as part one of the two part storm is starting to get wound up on Tuesday. After 2-3 inches had fallen in CT I figured it was time to head up or miss the party. NW CT and the Berks were super slippery and the stow was coming down HARD. As I headed east towards the I-91 corridor it was only raining and the rest of the drive up was uneventful.
Fast forward to Wednesday morning. 10-12 inches on the car. Snowing HARD!!!. 45 minute drive to Ludlow cars all over the roads on Rt. 10 and 103. This is getting good!
Pull into the main lot around 8am after leaving tog a friendly voice mail as to his choice to go back down south after skiing Monday with Philpug. BTW, the lot is almost empty. Now this is getting REAL GOOD. Boot up and a dozen or so skiers are lined up for the bullwheels to start turning. The snow is deep and getting deeper! Most of the day it was snowing between 1-2 inches per hour. Each ride up the chair we were complete snow men.

Skiing.....Unbelievable!!! I was on my Titan Atlas's, 180cm, 94mm underfoot. I left the Goat's home as I was only expecting 8-12 inches of snow. The wind was blowing right up the liftline which is very strange @ Okemo because it is usually blowing the opposite direction. Anyway, off the chair starting down for the first run, I literally was stopped dead in my track as I ran straight into a waist deep drift!!! I had to climb over it to continue down the trail. Knee + deep everywhere plus the drifts. Awesome stuff! Oh, and did I mention there way NOBODY there.

After the first run I paused to move the MAX plate on the Atlas's back 20mm. Much better now!!! There were a few folks postholing down the sides carrying their skis. There were some huge sitzmarks that looked like bomb craters. TeleBetty and I were in our groove and blasted through it all. It was almost to good to believe. Best snow I've been on in a long time. Later in the day the heavy snow still coming down was starting to pick up more moisture and some nice Big round moguls started to form in places. By 2pm there were very few still standing (skiing).

By the time we packed it in and got back to the parking lot there was another 14-16 inches on the truck from the time we skied. What a day!!!
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Yep, I was there too. I and Mr Hazmat had lunch with skidiva and her husband at the Summit Lodge.

It was my first day back on skis since my fall dec 19th.

If the temp had been a bit cooler it would have been a EPIC day. It was pretty good even with the wind and slightly heavy snow.

I'll bet we didn't see 60 - 70 people all day, total.
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 Damn..wish I was there. 
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