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Pittsburgh stoke......that's right, Pittsburgh.

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Bunch of Pittsburgh locals just having fun.  Some urban than "backcountry"

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHRED ON DUDES
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Great Stuff ! Love your stoke and capturing the fun you guys had maybe enjoying something that comes only a couple of times in a lifetime. I recognized a good many of the venues and thouroughly enjoyed watching this. Don't miss place this video as I am sure you'll enjoy watching it in the years ahead.

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That was AWESOME!!!  Beautifull videography - one of the best ski vids I have ever seen! Back east heartland of America steel town US freakin' A urban inner city gnar!!! What a crazy winter - I wanna ski Pittsburgh!!!
Thanks for that!   
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Great stuff!  It's snowing here again today!
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I just want to clarify, I did not have anything to do with this video.  I am not in it nor was I behind the camera.  Sorry for any confusion.  It was forwarded to me from a friend.  Being from Pittsburgh, I just wanted to share our scene that I thought "yinz" might enjoy.

That being said, it is pretty sweet. 
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That vid's awesome. I drove up to Seven Springs that day... seems like I could've had more fun just staying around the city.

Does anyone know what bridge they were skiing under at the end?
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Oh man that is sweet!  Dunno how I never got the idea to bomb Mt. Washington before I moved out here, what a great video!  I miss Da Burgh!  Lets Go Pens!
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This video is AMAZING!
Congrats man, the footage looks sweet!
I wish we had a storm like that in my home city... maybe in next ice age...
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Bushwacker would be proud....FACESHOTS
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man...this needs a bump. Sitting here in the 412 praying for something like this again this year.

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great editting but I truly hope this does not happen again. It means the northern new england resorts suffer.

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