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Toes jamming when landing a jump?

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Hey all, I just got back into skiing this year after a 9 year vacation. As soon as i started to hit a few jumps  (nothing major, and generally under 4 feet of air)  i was instantly reminded of the same old issue i had many years ago. Whenever i land a jump it seems my toes jam into the front of the boot. This seems to happen all the time unless i land too far back on the skis.

After a while it really starts to hurt and makes me not want to jump anymore. Is this a boot problem or a technique problem?  I will admit, back in the day when i bought these skis and boots i didn't know anything about "boot fitters", and just bought a pair of boots that were my size. I'm guessing that i am paying the price for this now!

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

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 Two things 92,

First you are landing with your weight too far back which causes your foot to slide forward in the boot as the calf levers off the rear spoiler.

Secondly this is magnified by the probability that your boots are too big or have a heel instep parameter that is too volumous for your particular foot which allows the foot to easily slide back and forth.

When you jump, try to project a bit more forward so you can land balanced, tips first, and pull the liners out of your boots and stick your foot in with your toes lightly touching the front of the shell and look at how much space you have behind your heels.  One to two fingers is the max you should have.  If you do have excessive room in the shell, adding bontex insole shims under the liner and some tongue shims will help snug it up, but correctly sized boots are a better solution.

Good luck!
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Agree with bud---you might read the wiki at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" about how a boot should fit.
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Well i skied yesterday and despite trying to land forward more, by the end of the day my toes hurt a lot. Well, i tried to pay attention to what hurt and it was primarily my big toes. And strangely enough when doing a few jump at the beginning of the day they were fine, but near the end of the day when trying to do a few more jumps they hurt very much. This leads me to believe the jumping is not the issue, and the boots are.

When i got home i stuck my boot into my boot with no liners and no socks. The first thing i noticed is that the top of my big toes doesn't even seem to touch the front of the shell. In stead it touches the side and corner of the boot, and its as if that side of the toe cavity it too narrow, because it feels like its pushing the big toe in towards the other toes. This seems to make sense with the type of pain i am experiencing.

I also think that the boot is too big for me in length though. The space behind my heel with my toes touching the front looks a hair over 1" which from what i understand is too big. When i ski i can feel that my heel lifts, as well as feeling this when on the ski lift. I can feel that with the skis hanging there is room between my heel and the bottom on the boot.

So, I'm guessing this issue will continue as long as i have these boots. I'm going to try and tough it out for one more season, but I'm thinking the proper remedy is to purchase a properly fitted boot that fits my foot in the future as soon as possible.

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Try tightening the ankle buckle(third from toes) till it hurts then back off till it is as tight as could be but bearable, this will hold your toes back from the front of the shell.  On some boots you may need an extension lever to close the buckles this tight.  Get some new boots the right size as soon as possible, you won't beleave the difference.
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Thanks. I dont know if i will be able to get that buckle much tighter, as ive been leaving most of the lower buckles a little looser cause my feet have been hurting, specificaly the insides of the feet. I know the answer is my boots, but finding the budget to replace them is a challenge.
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The third buckle from the toe closes around the ankle not the foot, get it tight.
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Ok, i will give it a try next time out. Thank you ver much for your help!

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