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ski sizing for junior racer

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What is the rule of thumb for ski sizing of a junior racer?  My son is in his 4th season and has done very well as compared to the competition.  He is on the smaller side, and is currently on 130 Rossi slalom and 145 Rossi gs skis.  He's about 4'5" and just over 70 lbs.  He will be a first year J4 next year and will attempt to make the USSA junior olympic team in the Cental region.  His coach suggested we move him up 5cm on both skis for next year.  I feel pretty good about the 150 Giant Slalom move since it looks like he overturns the 145s now from time to time.  He's been killing it in slalom, doign very well against J4s now (though he's a J5 now).  Rossi states a size of 85-95 lbs for the 145 gs, and he's nowhere near that right now.  And he skis the 145s great right now.  He's on the smallest slalom ski now at 130, rated for 70-90 lbs.  The 135 slalom is stated for 85-95 lbs.  He will likely be under 80 lbs and maybe 4'7" at 11 years old next season, given his very consistent pattern.

Any opinions?  I know seeing him and his coaches have the most to work with, but others out there have faced the same issues, so just looking for additional perspective.

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FWIW, my boy and his two buddies are first year J4s in the Rocky division, all qualified for JOs last week.  All are between 75 and 85lbs.  Their setups are:  Atomic 158GS/137SL; Blizzard 156GS/136 SL; Fischer 155GS/140SL.  I think they're all in about 70 flex boots.  The choices are somewhat defined by the radius in GS and the steps in sizes on SL skis for your brand of choice.  Out here it's seems better to go a little long in GS and not too long in SL.  Every year it's a new adventure in equipment, racing, how much training, the whole thing...
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Here is another thread with discussions about ski length for racing kids/juniors

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