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Fischer RC4 recommendation

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I've been skiing slalom on the 03/04 WC GS 158cm and they're destroyed - need to get a new pair in the next few weeks. I was going to replace them with the regular 2010 Slalom or SC Pro (I can't afford the Slalom Hole!) but I can't find any - having trouble replacing them close to end of season. I've found a local place selling the 2010 GS Hole in 160cm (? is this correct - I thought the smallest GS Hole was 170cm) but I'm worried about the lack of sidecut compared to the slalom skis I'm used to, and I won't get to test before I buy. Can anyone advise please?


I'm female, 50kg & 5'5", skiing 20 years & racing slalom & gs 1 year
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2010 RC4s:
Fischer WC GS 175 and up.
Fischer WC SL 150, 155, 165
Fischer WC RC Pro 170 and up.
Fischer WC SC Pro 150 to 170 in steps of 5
Fischer Race SC Pro 150 to 170 in steps of 5

Sounds like you were on a junior ski.
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Yeah, 160 must be junior, 180 is the smallest fis legal size and I've never seen less that 175 online. But 175 is a lot bigger than what I'm used to with 160 slalom skis. I need new skis to finish the season and if I can't buy slalom until next season then I'm getting the GS in the smallest possible - 175 I guess. Given what I'm used to in slalom, do you think 175 GS will be too much hard work for recreational skiing? My height is 5'5.5" / 166cm, weight 50kg, I've always skiied recreationally on SL race skis, I love skiing fast & I'm don't mind skis that are a bit tough. 

Any opinions/ advice?
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When I weighed 145 lbs I went out and bought 208 cm Super Giant Slalom skis, and I was an intermediate skier at best.  I didn't try to win any slalom races with them though.

I see no problem with you skiing 175 or even 180 gs skis for recreational skiing or gs racing, but I would advise against trying to compete in a slalom course with them.

How about these?
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Thanks for the link - I didn't even think to search ebay!

Thing about the GS is I wouldn't be racing slalom with them, I just need new skis at the moment and I'm really tempted to go for a really fast GS so I have the option of skiing both in the future. But the RC4 GS models have a reputation for being so unforgiving and tough - which is exactly what a want to a certain degree - just not that little bit too tough....!
It's also a bit of a jump going from 160cm to 175cm, but there's no option of 170 in the model I want. If I could just test a rental pair somewhere that would solve my problem but I can't.


Really like the look of that SC............

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The RC would make more sense, wouldn't it? It's very popular as a "cheater" GS ski for beer leaguers and masters. Sufficiently popular, though, that it can be a bit harder to find through the cheap-or-used channels.
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Thanks ssjohnston! I don't know why I overlooked it. Comes in a 170 - might be a good idea...........
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The RC is the logical choice, don't know if you will find a deal on it though.
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