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Hi everyone
I am 65kg and about 178cm tall. Not sure how to class my level but i can ski all piste runs no problem and most off piste in good conditions. I probabley ski about 50% piste, 50% powder and moguls (25% each). Previously i have ended up using skis that are probably to small (chin height) and to thin.
I now want to start skiing a bit more off piste and want a ski that will help me improve my offpiste while still being fairly good on piste.

The following are the two skis i have been thinking about- salomon shogun and salomon lord. 

I am able to get the salomon shoguns for slightly easier and cheaper. So therefore would be more inclined to get the shoguns, but it obviously depends on if one would perform a lot better than the other. I know that the salomon shogun is more of an off piste ski but is the alot of difference in the two's piste ability?
Which would you reccomend and what length would you think.

Thanks in Advance