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MRG Feb 24

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The biggest storm all year and I was actually there. Sorry, only had my cell with me, so not a lot of time for good pixs.

Woke up to my truck looking like this:GLparking.JPG

The snow was extemely heavy. Not the light fluffy stuff you see on the movies. Imagine skiing through 2 feet of wet cement. EVery turn was an experience. Once your skis started to split, or strated to sink under too far, you were going to crash and burn. I went over the bars at least 10 times yesterday morning.

Only other pictures I took was of the woods beside fall line. In retrospect, it was a mistake to  be in there. I was unable to turn to avoid the trees due to the wieght of the snow and it was more survival skiing than anything:

I found the best skiing was off of the double, as there was more snow in spots over there. All of the intermediate bump runs were insane fun! Unfortunately they shut the double chair down due to wind at around 11:30, and given how busy it was, the lineup for the single was really long, so I bailed out around lunch time. Hey, my legs were so burnt, I couldn't have skied many more turns anyway. Best 3 hours of skiing this year.

Edit:how do I move to trip report file?
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Edit:how do I move to trip report file?

A mod will be able to do this for you.

Wow, looks like quite a day!  Thanks for the report.

A little more than a week ago I was faced with the decision of whether to travel to VT or CO.  Epic said that if I went to CO it would snow in VT.  Guess he was right!
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Hint to ski this type of snow, keep the skis on edge, keep turning, don't let them run flat.

Seems like we had a bit dryer snow at Okemo.
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You were on tele skis right?

We skied Mt Snow the same day and were forced to switch to alpine skis.
We couldn't ski the heavy stuff.

Even on alpine skis I had trouble.

Yeah like that I sunk in too far, carving turn just sunk under.
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