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Head 2011 Peak 88 vs Monster 88 vsJohnny 94 vs Jerry ??

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Has anyone skied all these ski's? Can you please comment on monster88 versus Peak 88. Whats the Jerry like in firm conditions- slush aswell.
Currently have mojo 94 180cm and find them soft and flappy at speed in slush- looking for something more stable.
I'm 173cm 75 kgs- 5.8" and 170 ish-

New Zealand conditions are closer to east side with a long spring. I am ex racer and now a full cert instructor.

Cheers Casey
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Originally Posted by CaseyKiwi View Post

Well Hello there Epic Ski members, finally after 2 summers (I live in New Zealand) research reading alot of threads I joined up.

Now, my favorite topic; ski's.

I bought new last year Head Mojo 94 and I like them for cruzing in most conditions (yet to ski them in a powder day) however when I really push them they feel too soft and the nose flaps about and feel flimsy. (Very slushy wet snow keeping up with buddy bombing it on 223 downhills.)

I do like to ski fast(8 seasons race training-14 seasons teaching/coaching) and I need something with some beef to it.

I weigh 170, 5ft'8" (173 cms) and am a very athletic skier now 35 and not into park/pipe but still love big air. As a teaching ski the Titans look perfect however I want/neeed  a 90 plus ski, this time last year I was all over the Monster 88 in a 175cm (Bob Peters's comment, if I was in a life and death situation I'd want to have my Monster 88's on my feet, was a massive clincher) but all the threads bagged the then new Peak 88( all my rep had) so I went with mojo/john/ny 94's. as some one said it ski's like mojo94 so it been wider .......

The Richie in a 173 was also right there though such a massive side cut, now I'm thinking they might be the one....

So, can anybody please tell me;     How different are the New 2011 Peak 88 compare with Monster 88, Johnny 94 and has anyone skied the Richie?

Jerry ?? Bob Skied a 191 --104/5/6 under foot and 24 ish meter radius, Does anyone have all sizes and waist widths/ radius's
Does a Rocker ski well in Spring conditions-bullet proof ice and then super slush and winter packed powder(No Trees in N.Z skifields)

As I am unable to test and have to order soon, I'm buying blind and would appreciate any help. (N.Z gets 2011 ski's first like the Sun- abit of a testing ground for you guys up north)

Cheers Casey

I have tried Gotamas in 68,73,and 83 and thought they where big dead bits of wood on my feet except in knee deep powder they where pretty good- intuitiv was ok- Mantra was nice in 177- k2 seth pistals(05 was best) and bandits fail all 1,2,3 never tried squad- Fav ski to date Nordica beast tt 92 in a 177 bout 27 mtr racdius.2003-04.

P.S Big dibs to Bob Peters and Dawgcatching for your unbias opinions and huge amount of time you guys spent here at Epic.
Bob, I taught at Jackson 04/05, I need a ski for the Hobacks all season long in all conditions trying to be first to chair!!

P.P.S. Well done to the US ski Team Go Bode, Go Vonn, Go Head-----I love Head!


Hi, Casey.

Okay, you're young (lots younger than me), you want to go fast, and it sounds like you know how to turn a pair of skis.  For a really strong skier who wants one pair of skis to blast through every condtition, I think the Richie is the best ski I've ever been on for that combination.  I would ski them myself if I were younger and stronger.  I've skied the Richie a fair bit in a lot of conditions and it's just a bombing machine.

I liked the Jerry a lot but I only skied it for two runs in relatively benign conditions at Snowbasin.  I'll have the chance to ski them again this coming Monday here at JH and we've got every condition imaginable right now, so maybe I can give you an additional report on how I like them after that.  My initial reaction to the Jerry was that it would sort of qualify as a somewhat more "user friendly" version of the Richie.  I really, really liked it.

BTW, the Richie is being discontinued for next year's retail line.  The ski will still be made but it will only be available through a special-order "team" type arrangement.  If you want some Richies, you should snap them up now.
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Thanks Bob, really appreciate that, I'll make some inquires, but I'll wait for some more feed back on the Jerry's. 4 months to go aarrrghh
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Edited first post, really looking for some responses here, as I'm here in N.Z (70-80 degrees-sunny very dry summer with all our great beaches has been nice) suffering my last summer for a while, I need to order off my "rep" really soon so am buying blind- any comments appreciated
Must be Head-  88-105ish waist- 175-185cm great in soft snow (4-10 inches) and slush- stable at speed and chop-we have NO TREE skiing in New Zealand (skifields)so powder snow gets wind affected easily and the temps are close to freezing all season long 25-35degres june to august then spring til oct/nov. We do have some awesome skiing however are conditions are varible to say the least. Cheers Casey
Fav ski's to date nordica beast tt 92 177(03), mantra 177(07).
Cheers Casey
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 So Bob, you would say the Richie is a better ski than the Monster iM88 (which as you know I love)?
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