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Extremely frustrated noob trying to find some short inseam pants.

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Hey Guys,

I am really frustrated.  I have been looking for ski pants for myself and thought it would not be as hard as finding pants for my incredibley short wife (4'-10").  But it has proven to be equally difficult to find medium pants for a 5-8" man. 

I went to Peter glenn and all they had was the Obermeyer Alta II pant which was akin to putting a sack on.  I tried the Defrost and the Dominate pants (also Obermeyer) and they fit much better, but they went 2 inches below the sole of my foot (The salesman actually told me that they were a good fit!). I cannot find these in short unless I want to pay 70% more by going to Obermeyer.com, so I began to look for short pants under $200.  I found some freedom pants by northface, but when I clicked on the links (at 7 stores, at least) all of them were sold out. 

Can anybody let me know what other lines come in short and if you know where any are available at a reasonable price?  I am a noob who has to buy everything so the budget is tight.  I cant spend more than $200 and would rather be under the $150 range.  I am hoping to find something that is slightly svelt because being so short, bagginess is not attractive.  Let me know, It would be GREATLY appreciated

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Have you looked in the kids racks? 

There is a technical wear seamstress that was recommended here once before maybe someone will mention him/her...or try a search.  It was a few years ago.
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I'm a 5'11" guy and I actually wear a women's tall pant.

I didn't buy them because of styling or fit, though...I left my ski pants at home and the ski resort shop had a good clearance sale on women's pants, and the men's pants were almost full price (which of course on the mountain is about $50 more than anywhere else).

I ended up liking them more than my regular snow pants, and wear them all the time.

So, buying a women's pant is another option for you.  Just make sure you check the whole thing out before you buy them...I've been noticing a lot of snow pants for women now have fake rear pockets and stitching on them to make them look like women's jeans.  The ones I bought were just regular looking black snow pants.
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Arc'teryx also makes men's ski/board-focused pants with available "short" inseams, about 2" shorter than "normal".  Meets your "svelte" criteria, but exceeds your cost constraints, though.
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Another option is to buy a pair and use a tailor or seamstress to have them shortened.  Check around ski resort areas - they know how to relocate zippers and aprons, etc.

I have had good success with this mail order site as well.

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I am 5'8", 30" inseam, 175lbs. I bought from REI last year a pair of small NorthFace Monte Cargo ski pants and love them! They have an adjustable waist and look great. The length is perfect. In shoes the legs go right to the floor with no break.
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Spyder has short sizes too.

You can get them altered, but:

- I'd be pretty surprised if there's anyone with the requisite skill and experience in Florida. There are places that do alterations by mail Rainy Pass (already mentioned above) is where REI generally refers people, I believe.

- You're not going to get good alterations done without breaking your $200 budget. At least not unless you get the pants for nearly nothing.
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Patagonia has short sizes too.  I spoke with a rep and next year they will be selling the Rubicon pant in short lengths as well.
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I ended up getting the Obermeyer Dominate pant.  They seem pretty good and were cut shorted than the defrost pant so they fitt a little long but fine.  Thanks for the help.
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