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Elan Mantis 777

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I'm thinking of getting the 777 next year instead of the 662, or a similar size ski. I already have plenty of groomer specific skis, so im looking to venture to a powder ski for when the conditions warrant one, and for when im on vacation. I was thinking id get a 662 in a 176, but the 777 is looking like a better option for powder. If it will handle skiing on groomed snow between powder and tree runs im sold. If anyone has a pair or has at least skied a pair, let me know how they perform all over the mountain. I already know that the powder performance is going to be great, but im also concerned about quickness in trees and performance on groomed snow.

EDIT: Also, is the tail turned up enough to land backwards? As i recall some powder skis have a nicely turned up tail. Is this one of them?

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I really don't think that the 777 is the best option for a pure powder ski-it is much more in the mold of a "crudbuster" in that it is fairly stiff and powerful-basically like a race ski with float and a bit softer flex. Even our regional Elan rep says that other companies have a much better "pure" powder ski than the 777, which would be something like an AK Launcher (K2) or Pocket Rocket. Where the 777 shines is in crud at speed-it is very smooth and totally stable. It is fairly good on the groomed as long as up on edge, but takes awhile to get up onto edge if you normally ski race skis. Not the quickest for tight trees, and forget bumps-it is way to unwieldy and feels about like a GS ski in the bumps (no thanks for me). Personally, I find the 777 overkill for my size-at 155 lbs, I don't benefit from extra float over the 662. It may be a different story for a 200lb guy, but all I am getting is a larger turn radius and wider underfoot, which isn't as much fun when I am on semi-packed snow. I find the 662 does everything for my weight and is more versatile-and that is skiing Cascade Cement.
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I skied the 777 from last year for a couple weeks this year at kirkwood and they're one of the best versatile powder skis i've ever ridden. they were awesome in about 16" of powder and crud and carved the hardpack like a pair of atomic c:11's. tight trees, bumps and steeps were a breeze too. pretty much one of the best skis i've ever been on. as for the turned up tail, they do have a twin tip on them but it's squared off rather rounded. i landed switch on them and it didn't seem to be a problem. if you can get a good deal on them, i'd go for them definitely.

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