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Need some input on Skis.

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Alright I am in search of a new ski. A bit about myself 5',10'' 155 pounds.22 years oldĀ  Solid level 8 skier.

Current Quiver:
05-06 Armada Pipe Cleaners with Marker Jesters in 171 cm (for when I feel like harming myself).
07-08 Rossignol Radical R9s Oversize (165 cm Cheater SL). Everyday frontside carver.
07-08 Nordica GSr WC (176 cm GS Ski)
08-09 Volkl Racetiger WC SL (165 SL ski).

Past Skis:

07-08 Volkl Bridge in a 169 cm (Didn't like this ski because it lacked to keep me remotely interested)
06-07 Volkl Racetiger SL in 165 (cheater sl).
07-08 Volkl AC 30 Unlimited in a 170 (Nothing to write home about).
04-05 Fischer RC4 World Cup SCs in a 155 cm

So with that said. I am looking for a new "Out west stick"
I want something to be able to ski it all......All Mountains category is a possibility. But, something more off piste oriented may be what I am looking for. I am looking for something that can ski powder days, busts crud well, and can still roll em over on groomers.

I am not a fan of super-wide skis. Looking for a less than 90 mm waist ski. Also, I am not a fan of Twin tips......i think quite a few of them flat out suck.

My ideas are this so far:

Blizzard magnum 8.1 in 172,
Blizzard magnum 8.7 in 167 (cant find a 174).

Possibly the AC 50

Thanks in Advance.
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Rather than suggest a wider ski, I'll just answer the question as you asked it. First, the ski that you envision does not really exist (but there is something reasonably close).

The three skis that you have listed are all hard snow biased skis. This means that they are stiff torsionally and stiff overall as well. Of those three, the Mag 8.7 would offer you at least passable performance in softer conditions. The other two and particularly the AC50 are not good at all in softer mixed conditions. If you buy one of those three, you will be compromising those varied soft conditions in favor of hard snow performance. (all three are quite good at that) However, buying a hard snow biased ski for western conditions makes little sense to me. Then again......YMMV.

OTH if you are willing to compromise on the hard snow side of things a little then the Dynastar Sultan 85 offers the best blend of capabilities for the conditions that you are buying a ski for. It is good enough on hard snow for 98% of western conditions and has plenty of shape to reward you on the groomers. Where the Sultan shines best is in the varies conditions that epitomize most western skiing. Shallow powder, crud, windblown and chalky firm stuff are all easy meat. The Sultan is also better than the other three you mentioned when yesterdays 12" snowfall becomes todays incipient mogul field. An alternative that is equally good is the Blizzard Cronus.

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