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The ink probably isn't even dry on their certificates, yet!


I'd like to congratulate VAIL PILGRIM, TOM BURCH, and TOM FISCHER for just having passed their LEVEL 3 exams!
They have worked so hard this season, endured much abuse from their trainer, and made the improvements necessary to wear a gold pin!

VP and TB even had to perform in front of our very own Bob Barnes!

Now comes the hard part- earning the right to wear it, everyday with your students!

Keep up the great work, and again- CONGRATULATIONS !!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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You GO Guys!!! Hugs!!!
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Crown Royal all around!!

Congratulations, guys!
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I'm envious! I goota get off my butt next season and go for L 2. Congratulations all. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Please keep posting these achievments as an inspiration to the rest of us.
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Well done gentleman!!! :

Wear the pin with pride.
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Congratulations all...

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Congrats to all!!!!
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Congratulations guys. Well done!
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Congrats all!
Now that the contents of this particular box have been explored and it's hoop jumping path is behind you, the real learning can begin.
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I must add my Congrats to the list.

Great job guys! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Now comes the tough part: Living up to the achievement. Congratulations.
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I know you are all happy to be passed that hurdle. I want to add another name to the list. An Eldora "Bear" EABrown passed her level II this past week. She worked hard to do I and II this year. Again....how could she fail when she had the help of Bob Barnes along the way.

Congrats to all and thanks to Bob for all your kind help and guidance.
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Gee, where did my previous post go? Nevertheless, congratulations to all for passing any certification level. Unless one has gone through it, one can't imagine the anxiety and relief.

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I would say the Bear pass percentage is extraordinarily high!
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Great job guys!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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It couldn't have been done without VSP's help and constant challenges. Skiing and training with Vail Pilgrim and Tom Fischer was awesome. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations everyone!

Skiing with some of you guys at the next Academy will be even more humbling.
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Congrats all! I know much hard work and training went into this!!


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Originally posted by Robin:
I would say the Bear pass percentage is extraordinarily high!
Interesting, I commented on that last year. It seemed to extend to other profession, too. Bears were passing their law exams, sports med., etc. Could be something about internet community.
Anyone need a good psychology/sociology disertation topic?
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Nice work, well done!
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Excellent! Now you can stop stressing, enjoy the rest of your season.

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I would say the Bear pass percentage is extraordinarily high!
Yes, Robin. As I mentioned in another thread, Tom Burch and VailPilgrim were the only two (out of eight) who attained the gold pin from my group at Vail. That's 100% for Bears, 0% for other species. Bark on, Bears!

I've got to think that it's no coincidence. The Barking Bears are not a random cross-section of skiers, or instructors. There are few casual skiers here, and lots of inquiring minds. EpicSki is an excellent forum for instructors to practice their teaching and communication skills and to test and nurture their knowledge. And I've found it to be a motivator myself. I suspect that most of the EpicSki instructors share in the desire to excel, beyond the average instructor.

Credit must also go to VailSnoPro, who has worked hard with Tom and Dave to coach them toward excellence! Taking nothing away from Tom and Dave, who had to perform on their own, I'm sure they'd agree that good coaching is an important ingredient in their success. Thanks Ric--contrary to some misconception, I DO enjoy handing out pins (where they are deserved)!

I didn't even know that Dave was VailPilgrim until the very end of the day--it's always fun to put a face to an EpicSki name. Congratulations VailPilgrim, Tom, and EABrown!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

[ April 14, 2003, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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I just met these guys and now they are celebrities!

Good going Tom and Dave. If you have been working with Vail Snopro, I can understand your success, His spirit is contagious.


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It's EABrown.....sister of Elaine!
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I must congratulate Cal G for his restraint-.

He didn't even mention my propensity for crashing and burning, BIG TIME! I sure hope it is not contagious!

But that's another story....

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It's EABrown.....sister of Elaine!
Oops--my mistake (I've edited the misspelled post.) Thanks!

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Great work and congratulations to all!!!!
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Well done! Congratulations to all and good luck with whatever new challenges you choose.

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