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Dynastar Sultan 80

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I am looking to see if anyone has demo'd or owns the Sultan 80.  I think they would be a great ski for me but would like to hear from others.  I am 6'. 210 lbs and ski in the east on mostly groomed blues and blacks. 
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there are several reviews of the Sultan 80's on the site, just use the search tab. In addition, I would recommend searching for reviews on the Sultan Legend 85's, they are unusually good for this skier.
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Demoed them and bought them. 5'10" 190 age 51 ski at Holiday Valley in Western N.Y. Felt they were great for our short and crowded Hills. Very easy to turn and handle on the weekends. Had them in 4" of Powder a couple of early Sundays in a row and they did great, no problems, and very fun to ride (no Stress.) Busted through the piles later in the day.  We've had very good conditions but some frozen cookies were no big deal. Always rent skis for our trips out west so the "80s" are perfect for me. At Snowmass in early Feb. I rented the Sultan 85s. They were way stiffer and took a while to get used to but after I did I loved them. 7" of Powder was easy. I still know I bought the right ski for me, and where I spend most of my time but next year at the "Big Boy" Mtns. I will get the "85" again.
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EatRBs  --  I'm going to Snowmass in late March.  Who did you rent from there?  Do you recommend them?  Thanks. 
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Jimski - Snowmass Sports, right next to the slope at the end of Snowmass Village Mall. Great selection and best price about 39.00/ day after Stonebridge Inn discount. I also demoed Atomic Crimson, another winner!!
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Thanks for the input.  I ski all over the east and have a pass at Whiteface.  I will be getting around a 178 cm and looked at the 85's but feel the width may be overkill for where and how I ski.   

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Just an update.  I did get to demo the Volkl AC30 @ 177, Blizzard 8.1 @ 172 and the Sultan 85 @ 172.  I found the Blizzard to be an excellant ski.  The Sultan 85 was by far my favorite of the three.  The ski felt very familiar but performed great all over the mountain.  While I thought the length might be too short, after skiing it all day, I couldn't image skiing it any longer.  I really appreciated it's stability after jumping back on my Legend 4800 a few days later.  I really enjoyed the Sultan 85 and would love to have it in my arsenal of skis.  However, as I am looking for that one ski quiver that is easy to ski, I think the ski was just a bit too much ( at least for me ) for a New Englander who enjoys intermediate to advance trails.  I am thinking the Sultan 80 may fit the bill quite well.  The search continues!! 
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