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C.R. Johnson has died at Squaw (tribute / condolences).

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From what I can gather, he was on Light Towers (next to The Slot), fell, and hit his head/neck.

Rest in peace, CR.
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Terrible news, he was a great skier and a good guy.  Wow, what a loss.
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RIP CR. I hope his friends and family, and the entire Squaw community, get through this loss. 
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I was seeing his buddies waiting there while I was on the chair. He was part of a close brotherhood.
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I just saw the news on this.  C.R. was a well-liked skier and a real standout local talent.  He had a near-death accident in 2005 from which he fully recovered.  26 years old


Today at Squaw Valley CR Johnson was in a fatal ski accident. Details are sparse at the moment, but according to sources, CR was going off a cliff at Light Towers where he hit his head and neck on the rocks below.

We will continue to post more as details become available.

CR's family will be in everyone's thoughts and prayers here at Powder.

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 Rest in peace.  Condolences to the family and his friends. 
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 Light Towers is where they had the "Shootout" in Blizzard of Aahhh's, right?

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What a shame. Met him at Whistler about ten years ago when my Son was at a Summer Ski camp there. Just a fun filled, happy young man. we'll all miss his smile.
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RIP. Worked his ass off to come back from that collisoin a few years back. Seemed like a great guy.
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Rest in Peace Bud,

May you ski fresh powder lines in your heaven.

very sad..hope his friends and family stay strong through this.
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Yes, that is correct. Plake was wearing a helmet cam during filming of the shootout and skied a line that some now call the Blizzard Line. Of course some lines have half a dozen names, depends on who you talk to. This area of Squaw is very serious terrain. 

Anyway a huge blow to the whole region and my condolences to his family and friends. 

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 Light Towers is where they had the "Shootout" in Blizzard of Aahhh's, right?


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It was near the Aaaahs Chute or Plake's Line  in the Light Towers area, just looker's left of the center area, on some cliffs that were part of the Big Mountain Comp venue a couple years ago. .

Very sad here. He was skiing with his friends who were absolutely crushed.
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Tough stuff to deal with.

We all get a rush out of watching these extreme skiers and frankly, I am thankful they are out there. I watch in awe. It adds to my quality of life.

Soo sad when one of them takes a digger and turns up lifeless.

RIP you crazy man and condolences to your family and friends.

Thanks for the show.
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light towers.jpg
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wow!  That sucks! RIP.... Condolenses to friends and family, he was a fantastic skier and good for the sport.
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Originally Posted by steelman View Post

light towers.jpg

But with much less snow, much more rock showing. About 15 inches of new very wet heavy snow which had slid off of everything steep, and poor visibility in that area most of the day.
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Very sad indeed.Condolences to his family.
Thanks for posting the photos.
Julia Mancuso trained at Squaw and was friends with him.

"Mancuso in tears after ski pal killed in accident"


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Originally Posted by steelman View Post

light towers.jpg
This picture of Light Towers above is with an extraordinary snowpack.  Here is how it looks on a more typical lower pack midseason day.  Gnarly terrain to say the least. 

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 Such sad news.
He was an incredibly strong man.
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There was a constant stream of skiers stopping by C.R.'s accident scene to pay their respects yesterday. very emotional.

somehow the tourists asking detailed questions about: what exactly happened  seemed goulish. I didn't answer any, out of respect. I thought: how is that your business. I don't know..... 

You are missed, C.R.
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Most of us honored and grieved by talking about what a great guy he was. only strangers to him would want details of his fall and his death.

Respects C.R.

this is not a tourist bashing subject, just about proper decorum.
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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post

My condolences.

I am curious they said he died after hitting his head, I also read that he had a helmet but that he hit the rocks face first then flipped around and hit the back of his head.  I am wondering, if the front or rear impact killed him.   Ski helmets are made like shit.

Richie lok at the pictures. You could wear that crazy grizzly bear suit and get yourself killed in terrain like that.
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Like when Shane died, we opened a different thread to talk about why it happened and how it might have been prevented. We kept one thread for paying respects.

To hear people talking loudly and callously about wanting to know the details was hard to take. I'm not providing fodder for their casual apres' ski beer chat.
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we all know the risks well all take the risks, like he said the joy he gets from skiing is worth dying for it. RIP C.R.
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Wow that sucks. This guy was a phenomenal skier. Its too bad he is gone. RIP
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