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Mantra Issue

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 Just a quick question: Has anyone else had an issue with 2010 Mantra's bending?

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I have never skied Mantra's. But when I did ski on Volkls they bent.
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 it has metal it can bend.
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 Yeah, well...did they bend in 30"+ of pow?  I skied em for three days at Telluride last week in nothing but pow and ended up with a bent ski.  Here is the product description from the Volkl website: "The Mantra is the pinnacle product for the skier who wants to ski the deep stuff, yet still have a solid, all-mountain feel on the front of the mountain. Still unparalleled in the market, it’s the go-to ski for those who want a powder ski that is versatile enough to be their every day ski."

That description did not match my experience no matter how much I loved this ski (and I did).

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Well bend the other one to match and yours will be rockered like next years probably. 
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