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Probably redundant, but I thought I'd add my 2 cents.  I  just mounted up my 186 P90s (finally got some snow!) with a set of PX12 Lifters.  I'm about 5'9", weigh 175, ski in the Rockies, and skied on them at Copper and Crested Butte last week.  I usually get 40 or so days a year, and most of my gear is race other than these.  The P90s get a big thumbs-up!

So far, I've skied them on hardpack at Copper, mainly bumps, skied out trees and some groomers.  At CB, skied one day of bumps/packed powder and one day of 20" fresh.  In the trees they turn well, although at 186 when the trees are tight they are maybe a little long.  Bumps are great on them - I was pleasantly surprised at the turning ease and flex in the bumps.  Carving on the runouts was excellent with minimal slip.  Float in the fresh was fine (but the day was pretty much epic :-) ), Overall, an excellent pair of all mountain skis for agressive skiing.