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Hi Floyd, when they first cut Tiger I told the developers that we used to jump over bigger bumps than that in the Old Country [img]smile.gif[/img]

When you get back to work, say hello to Sonja for me.

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Thanks for the support. You have to actually be here on a school night to appreciate the controled chaos. They hired far few instructors than seeming went through try outs. We hear that group bookings are up 10% and there are already 2500 private lessons sold!! Can you spare some time and come north. :

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If I see anyone teaching the wedge I'm going to give them hell.
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SCSA, I suspect that if you did that to an instructor during a paying session, chances are you would be thrown out of the resort.
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I been thrown out of some pretty good places...
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No! I have been up north when 30 plus buses arrived @ BW when Mickey owned it! No way and no thanks and yes we will teach the wedge or die from out of control hockey pucks on rental sleds!

Ott -
Saw Sonja Saturday. She emailed me Monday to ask how my ankle is doing. Sprained the ankle Sunday trying to ride a carver board in the ski shop. Oh well, sitting here with heat on it. Leave for Boyne end of month and then Frisco the following Friday! It better get cold in the lower real soon.

Hang in there and we can get you thrown out of another place or two. Can you imagine attempting to teach direct parallel to (30) bus loads of kids on ten acres of land that has hard snow. I mean really hard snow. You better dug and run if you do.
: :
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Floyd, sorry to hear about your ankle, hope it gets better before Boyne, if not get a cortizone shot and deal with it later

Say Hello to Sonja when you talk to her, I will be snorkeling in Mexico the week of Dec. 2.

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Ed, Congratulations in a big way. You are entering the one area of the ski world that I often thought about but never took the time to go through with. Always just wanted to enjoy the ski experience to the fullest instead of conveying it to others. I give all you instructors credit. Hope to make some turns with you this year, both at H.V. and in Fernie. Go Powdigger!!!!
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Lars Lives!! How is the football season going?

Fernie or bust. Have I have a line on some CHUBBS
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A line on some Chubbs huh? Actually, J.W. sent me a private message about some Chubbs on EBay. Checked them out, good deal although I don't want 190's. Even though I might be good enough to handle 190's,(what d-ya think?) I would rather have 180's for their quickness in powder bumps and moguls. Today, I just found a super deal on the Atomic 10ex and bindings. (Shop form price) from the ski shop where I used to work. Am going to decide this weekend. Also, have a chance to pick up some Olympic edition Atomic 10-22's, stars, stripes and the whole package. They are limited edition and can only be ordered in threes. (That's three pairs at a time) By the way, I have decided to patrol one more year at the Valley so the offer still stands for passes any time you want.
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congrats ed(Powdigger)
the resort I applied for does not give exams for the entry but I suspect we will have to do some skiing for them. they plan to train us [img]smile.gif[/img] Now all I have to do is make that final decision and have a physical.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Did I read this right that there's no more written exam??? What's up with that???? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hi Wigs--sorry--you may have read correctly, but I wasn't very clear!

No, to ease your mind, we (PSIA-Rocky Mountain Division) have not eliminated the written test. Far from it! We've given it much more weight and made it a lot more intense and broader in scope than it used to be, four or five years ago.

But we no longer give the written test during the on-snow exam. Now it's a separate, proctored event for Levels 2 and 3. You have to take, and pass, the written test before you can attend the on-snow exam.

For Level 1, it's pretty thorough, but it's a take-home exam. We figured it was a better learning experience this way.

Didn't mean to scare you....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Good luck and take all the training that they want to throw at you. I will be some of the best instruction of your life.


Take home exam!!! Can I test at your school. :

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