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I Passed!! Next step full ganghood!

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Well folks,

After six weeks of study, skiing on plastic and basic humiliation I now get the privilege to be an overworked and underpaid ski instructor. I just got the word today that I passed my examinations. If all goes well and we have an early season I will take the Cert. Level 1 exam by the end of December but that is a long way off.

The only bad thing about the whole testing experience was that Pierre eh’s punk kid beat my high scores by 3 points giving her the highest score for the entire field. : I want a recount. Actually, she is a great kid and a credit to her parents. [img]smile.gif[/img] (Pierre did I say that right)

Anyway, it must be official because they took my picture and everything.

Hey, who needs a private lesson? I’m available!


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Congratulations, Powdigger! Best of luck with the on-snow stuff in December (hope you have some snow!).

Question: Every PSIA division does things a little differently. It sounds like you've taken a written test already or something--is that true? In the Rockies, we won't be giving even written tests for a while. Until recently, you took the written test on the first day of the exam--I'm glad we've moved away from that!

Anyway, think snow, and stay in touch!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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So what are you going to teach your students?

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Thanks Bob,

I hope I can get my Cert. I this year it will make next year much easier.

Actually, the examination process had four parts 1) written exam based upon the PSIA Alpine Study Guide I, 2) An oral exam-where you blindly draw a card and have to teach a lesson which could be from a never/ever to linked Wedge Christie ( you are grade on goal setting, progressions, exercises and closing), 3) an MA session from video tape ( you view a video, point out correct tech, bad tech, give corrective exercises and close), 4) Skiing demo from straight run to linked wedge Christies.

We trained together as a group under the supervision of mostly level III's for about six weeks and then tested. We would have witten quizes every week and we had to develope our own progressions and reduce them to flash cards.

The exam day lasted 4 to 5 hours last Sunday and the result were posted today. This only earns me the right to teach beginners at our area and I am not PSIA Certified yet. I have to put in the requisite hours teaching, get shadowed and study my manuals them I can sit for the Cert. exam.

Hope you will be around this winter I am going to have lots of questions.

Thanks again,

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How to have an open mind and explore all aspects of skiing. Most of all have fun!!!!
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Way to go Powdigger!

No rug burns?

Good luck!
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Powdigger, congrats. See you on the hill. Getting past Bob A. and John L. deserves a medal in itself

I thought Pierre's daughter was only 13, I didn't think they hired instructors that young. She must have inherited her daddy's drive for excellence, to have the high score at her age.

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ott, I believe she must be 15 by now, and yes, she's apparently one smart, talented kid. My wife works with kids that age every day, and after we had dinner with Pierre,eh! and his daughter, wifey said to me, "Now, that's the way a kid should be!" Very high praise from wifey.
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Congrats! So are you offering lessons for all at Fernie?
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Yipee!! Congrats! Actually, by the time he gets to Fernie, he will be aching to just ski, ski, ski and not teach, teach, teach.
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Teaching skiing is easy just tell 'em "Jump up in the air and turn the skis, go for a ways then jump up in the air and turn the skis.


Teaching lessons to this group in Fernie would be more nerve racking than my first time as a clinic leader.

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Oh man I am not showing my daughter these posts. She is spoiled enough without reading these. These posts would go straight to her head. She is 14 years old and they will let her teach ankle biters this year. As important to her though is the hut privileges, the uniform and the companionship with young instructors not much older than she is.
She was scared that she may have flunked and would not go up and see if her name was on the new hire sheet so I went up for her. She got 100% on the written test, what I calculate as 96% on the video movements analysis, 94% on her oral teaching and I watched her skiing. Her low end manuevers would easily pass level II.
Most parents cannot teach their kids and most kids won't listen to their parents. I have the opposite problem. She won't take lessons or really listen to anyone except me. I have encouraged her to seek diversity and learn from others as well. I even put her skiing with the D-team last year. She said the D-team member only harped on the same things I did. Last year she didn't progress all that far as she could outski her friends and the rookie ski instructors so she had little incentive to get better. This year she is vowing to reach the skill to pass a level III and pass the ol'man.
Right now she needs to work on the very thing we have been discussing and that is, moving the CM earlier in the turn. She tends to park the CM after turn initiation and as a result, initiates her next turn by diverging/advancing the inside ski into the next turn. She know it, its up to her whether she wants to work at it or not. I'm proud of her.
Congrates again Ed, you're test scores were fantastic.
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Congrats. It is always a thrill to pass any exam, and it seems you've worked hard to earn this one!!!
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Thanks everyone,

Ott-I was not nervous for John but I still could have skied better. Man I hate that mat. Bob was an examiner for the MA and I had him for my last section. I got grilled for about 20 min while every one else was done in what seemed 5 min. but to my surprise I scored pretty high there. After Bob I thought I was a goner.

LM- You are probably right about Fernie, I will be ready to justs rip it up. But I will get my turns in. However, after judging the talent from last years get together there will little that I could offer anyone.

I can't wait for the season to start. See everyone on the slopes.


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I am impressed! An attorney AND a ski instructor?! You're living my dream! Only in my dreams will I ever get there - the attorney part I've been dong for 35 years, but the ski instructor part will happen for me only in dreamland. Congratulations, and I hope I can be one of your students.
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Wow Ed, now you are one of the "in" crowd!
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So now when you retire as an attorney, you can come out west and teach on the big hill!

We have a couple of retirees that were attorneys who now teach here at Snowmass. They just love it. They don't bitch, because they have been bitching all there life, just kidding.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the Spring Fling here at Snowmass in late March or early April. It's when pros form all over the country come and do clinics and PARTY! I believe that all clinics are credited with PSIA, so you can knock down some clinic training and PARTY at the same time. So good luck to you with a better job than you have now. Just kidding again. ------Wigs
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Did I read this right that there's no more written exam??? What's up with that?????----------Wigs
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Yeah, Ed, I know Bob can get kind of picky, but at least you know that when you get past him, you have earned it, it should make you feel good.

Pierre, I hear the proud Papa speaking! It's just great. I'm looking forward to meeting your daughter this Winter, which means I have to be out there when kids are out of school, not my favorite time to ski

It wont be long now... ..Ott
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Hey Powdigger

I think Mountain Safety and Uphill skier responsibility should be your first area of focus. :
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Congrats, but don't drink the koolaid.
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How to have an open mind and explore all aspects of skiing. Most of all have fun!!!!
Gee, I wonder if anyone has ever gone to a ski school desk, paid $350 for an all day private, and asked for this. Could be a huge untapped market.
You proved SCSA's point.
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You said it best.

What Lucky said.
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Actually, I know exactly what SCSA was trolling for and been there done that! Do you ever have fun?

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SCSA asked you a reasonable question. You basically blew him off with an answer that makes it seem like you have no plan. Which is one of SCSA's main gripes.
Do you really think that a skier needs to pay an instructor to have fun while skiing? As Ott has said, skiing is inherently fun. People are going to be counting on you for skiing instruction. Because they want to ski better. Why not make it a goal to make sure that this happens? Or should that be left for "alternative" instruction?

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I have a goal but frankly I really don't feel like typing out my complete progression for wedge turning for a guy who does not believe in it. His feelings on wedge learning are well known and I really don't care to have that same conversation again. Been there done that!


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PowDigger - I know your area(s), people and your training system. Good job. It aint easy up north. I wish we would work harder with our new instructors. You will do fine I am sure! Now if you could just make Tiger a little longer!
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Congratulations Ed !!
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