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I was at Gunstock last weekend and demo'd the Fischer RX8 Pro's...I loved those skiis.  They turned on a dime and were just a blast to ski....I can get them for about $500.  But just recently, I was offered a pair of Volkl AC 3 Unlimited (2006/2007 I believe) for $250.00...I've heard great things about the AC 3 Unlimited so I'm no I've got a bit of a conundrum...what would you do?

BTW I'm an Advanced problem skiings steeps, just not too comfortable in the moguls or narrower steeps...I enjoy skiing at a moderate pace with the occasional speed run. 5' 10" and 220 lbs if that helps.

Either way it's time to upgrade I'm still skiing on '97 Volkl Carver Plus skiis with Tecnica TNS Boots.