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This will be interesting

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Apparently there is a level 2 and 3 written exam at Breck tomorrow, so after running around madly trying to borrow a core concepts manual (ordered one from PSIA but apparently it takes weeks to appear), I now have to read that, and the technical thing, and Bob's Book, tonight! Lucky it's a sunday, or I'd be resorting to beer and that is not a good thing to do.
I might become the only person to fail the level 2 written test....
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Don't worry about it the test is open book and I understand it has a 3 hout time limit. If you are half way prepared, and as a working instructor you are. It will be alright. Besides the tests have not been updated for the new manuals yet.
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Tom has it right-the test are not based on material from either the Core Concepts Manual or the new Alpine Manual. The questions are drawn from the reference materials listed in the Rocky Mountain Events catalog

Good Luck
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Good luck on the exam. It's been mentioned that this is an open book test, this is true, but the question that begs to be asked is why did you wait so long to get the reading materials?
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Although I have not taken the level 2, If it's anything like the level one with different questions, You should do fine. It's more about the concepts that you already use in teaching. Judging from the knowledge you have shown in your posts it should go fine.
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Well, CDC, as it happens, the materials I still have on order (thanks to PSIA taking its time to fill orders) are useless, teh test as it turned out is based on the old alpine manual, bob's book, and the study guide. It's easy to be prepared, so long as you know what you have to do and when you have to do it, and with what. Sadly, this kind of info is hard to come by here.
One kind of stumbles upon it.

My incredibly helpful PSIA person here (Michelle) handed me the old alpine manual on the morning of the test, and upon reading the test, realised that Bob's book and that manual appeared to be enough, fingers crossed! Used the whole 3 hours, mainly so I could go back and check/change stuff.

what they didn't tell us is the test is full of silly jokes, I wasn't the only one letting out sudden guffaws. I suspect Bob had a hand in that.

For instance, a knee joint might be a gliding wedge! And I'm saving up the following phrase for using in the closing phase of a lesson: "remember, a ski pole has a shaft and a tip, which do you want to give me"?
The old guys in the locker room are always experimenting with ever more outrageous ways to generate tips, I can't wait to try that one on them!
(that was actually an option for what you do in the closing part of a lesson! I wonder if anyone ever chooses it?).

As for tips, actually I haven't been to the bank in weeks, the customers are being very kind indeed.
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