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 Hard to say what would've happened if she'd had a better first run. The course deteriorated so much today, that a good first run was almost a handicap. Only two of yesterday's fast racers managed what amounted to really fast (top 10) times today, and they got a medals for the effort.

Fastest second run times, with start order:

 1 Karbon
 5 Drev
13 Mancuso
12 Marmottan
 8 Gagnon
20 Suter
25 Rebensburg
 2 Janyk
11 Brignone
10 Gius 
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From sjjohnston:
From what I saw, I wouldn't have called for a yellow flag either. Consider, though, that we're talking about a decision that was made by one official (we don't know who, or at least I don't) in a matter of seconds, with the biggest star in women's ski racing (probably all ski racing) lying on the ground. If nobody ever made a mistake in that situation (erring, in this case, on the side of safety), we'd live in a different sort of world.

A good summary of what was not an easy decision.  Glad they got the second run in.  According to Atle Skaardal (on the race jury), it was a second run today or a total cancellation of the race and no medals awarded. 
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