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aline footbeds

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I have a pair of old lange comp 120s.  My liners have gotten pretty packed out so i think its time for a pair of footbeds.  Does anyone know about aline footbeds??
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What footbeds have you got in the boots currently?
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 They are good aftermarket option, but they are not as good as real custom footbeds.  More important, as far as I know footbeds are not a recipe to extend the life of a packed out liner, so you either need new boots or a replacement liner.  ZipFit and Intuition are popular aftermarket liner choices.  
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I have a pair of the A-Lines in my AT boots, and use high-end custom footbeds in my alpine boots.  I like them, but do not consider them a substitute for a regular custom footbed.  They are fitted using a laser light alignment, that is pretty cool, and seem to give good support and comfort.

They have a little bit of a rubbery factor that would give them a cushiony (less precise feel) when carving in an alpine boot.  Also, because of their rubbery texture, it can cause a problem trying to slide my ski socks into my boots.  They cost about half as much as "real" custom footbeds, and I consider them worth the price, because they are about half as good.  Because they are flexible, they are easy to remove and use in other footwear, like my golf shoes, whereas the high-end ones are rigid and not good for anything but ski boots.

I agree with Alexzn, a custom footbed is not a solution for a packed out liner.

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Chesterfield, I have been using a pair of these in my Nordia Doberman Pro's/leather race liner this year. Got fit by a guy who spent probably an hour doing the assessment and then fit me to the right size and modification to the heel. They made a significant difference in my skiing. Dramatically better edge control. Took the A frame out of my technique as well. Basically, the lift on the out side heel rotated my lower leg around and made for what the tech said was a perfect alignment. Agree. Skis run straight with no wandering. He had to grind down the material in the arch because it became rather painful. But then, no issues.
I suspect whether you would get as good a result will depend on the guy fitting you and what issues you may have. Mine were pretty simple. As for truly custom footbeds being better. Not by me. I had a pair made in Vail last year by what was reported to be the top shop. Not good even after they tried to tweak them. As usual, YMMV. For me, the Alines work great.
Agree totally with others who say that footbed no solution for packed out liner. Zipfits are supposed to be great. I like my Doberman leather race liners. Was in Intuition Powerwrap - not a great fit for me and too damp feeling. They will not fit in a race plug-type boot - too much volume.Get you liners straightened out before doing the footbed thing becasue the boot fit/alignment may be different. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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I like a-line much much better than my previous Superfeet kork.
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