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Need new skis

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Hi, I am new to this forum and live in the UK, but have read many topics on what skis to buy and with all the experts on here I am sure I will get excellent advice.
Firstly I am a sprightly 59 years young and have been skiing for eons. I have skied all over Europe and numerous times in Chamonix which is my favourite place can ski all the red runs and some of the blacks but not of piste. Never skied in America and not sure now if I will ever get there not that I don't want to.
To get down to the real reason I am posting this post. I am in the market for new skis, I currently ski on 165 Fischer RC4 world cup which are very fast and great on piste but totally useless of piste, ( well for me they are). I now want to join my friends in skiing of piste and need a ski that will enable me to for fill my ambition.
I am 5'9" and weight 175 pounds and ski fairly aggressive on piste but rarely venture off piste. I would rate my level as intermediate to advance I can ski moguls but don't really like them the old body doesn't like the pounding. The only reason I haven't rated myself advance to expert is because of my lack of off piste.
Look forward to all your expert help.
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Welcome to the Forum!!!  I lived in Europe for many years so know the areas you ski in very well.  Grooming is at a minimum and a ski with versatility is very important.  Well their are a lot of good skis in the category you're looking at and I'm sure you'll get a lot of opinions.  However, I'm a Volkl fan so I'll recommend the Volkl AC50 or the Volkl Mantra.  They are great skis for varied conditions and ideal if you don't ski off-piste.  But I ski the Mantra now and spend a lot of time off-piste, in the trees and just about anywhere on the mountain.  Love this ski even though it's not considered a powder ski and some think it's a little stiff, but for a traditional skier you may love it.  The AC50 is a narrower ski and would handle the piste very well and still be wide enough underfoot to handle the crud or slush.  Best advice, try to demo if you can!
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Hi Bob4snow,
Thanks for your advice so far you are the only person, could anyone please let me have your input ?
I have narrowed it down to :-
Volkl Mantra,

Fischer Watea  84 167mm,

Nordica enforcer

Scott punisher

Dynastar sultan legend 85
Look forward to your help

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It seem lately the only way to get a post is to start something controversial.  I've skied a couple of skis you listed and liked them all fairly well.  Frankly, I don't think you can go wrong with what you listed above.  Some are stiffer then others but they all have their good points and bad.  If you can't demo, find a good ski shop whose opinion you trust and listen closely.  Try to pick out some of the key words that reflects what you're looking for.  Such as (in English, sorry), stiff, nimble, stable, etc.  Good Luck and enjoy the rest of the season....
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 Si vous êtes français, je peux traduire ces mots clés: rigidité, agilité, stabilité.  (C'est familier, cette rime, non?)

J'ai entendu que les Sultan 85 sont super.
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 I am 5'10, 160 lbs, was 175 I skied my 176mm, Watea 84's in Avoriaz.  I like the ski and its good in crude, bumps, and limited powder not sure if they are stiff enough for really hard packed groomers nor did they provide me a ton of float in deep powder.  I will probably get better float now with the weight loss, but I am still not sold on its, or my?, ability on hardpacked/icy conditions.  

Sorry, I haven't tried the others.  From reviews on this board, sounds like the Sultan 85 or the Volkl's seem like a better fit. 

FYI, I normally ski the rockies.
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