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Cstreu1026's tour of Utah

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 I started the week at Powder Mountain today.  It's kind of an odd place but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  It's the first resort in the west I have seen where you can drive to the lodge at the top of the mountain.  Despite the relative lack of snow in the region things are pretty good shape.  The groomers were nice and soft and with the blue skies and bright sun there were some nice bumps to be skied as well.  The view from the top is pretty spectacular and I have a few pictures but no action shots since I was by myself.  As soon as I return home and get the right USB cable I will post some pictures.

I'm headed to Snowbasin tomorrow and they are calling for snow...maybe lots of snow.
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 They snow was coming down big time at Snowbasin today.  There was several inches of new snow on top of a very firm groomed base on most runs.  I think the warm and very sunny day yesterday set up a nice freeze/thaw cycle before the new sow began to fall.  A good portion of the mountain was shut down because of the poor visibility.  I ended up only skiing half a day.  Between the poor visibility and my sore, tired legs from yesterday I figured it was best that I call it quits before I ended up taking a fall and maybe getting hurt.

Overall I was pretty impressed with Snowbasin.  I hope to get back there again when the conditions are more ideal.  I saw somewhere on here where their lodges were described as opulent and I think that fits them pretty well.  The food was good and not as pricey as other places I have been.  From what I could see of the mountain it looks like there is a pretty good variety of terrain, enough to keep just about anyone busy on a trip
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I actually skipped skiing today so we could drive out in the middle of no where to watch the last static test of a solid rocket booster from the space shuttle.  Simply amazing to see.  1.1 million pounds of propellent, 3.3 million pounds of thrust, approximately 15 million horsepower, and it was all over in 124 seconds.

Since my wife was finished working for the week we moved from Layton to Park City.  We decided to go downtown to walk around and get something to eat.  It's been 10 years since I have been here and I couldn't believed how much the town has changed.  Main street seems like it's almost wall to wall art galleries and the restaurants that are there now just aren't like I remembered...too much sushi. We're going to ski our last day tomorrow at either Deer Valley or there is the possibility we'll be driving to Alta to go some place I have never been.
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 Made it up to Alta today to ski with my wife.  Blue skies and 18" in the last 3 days made for a pretty busy.  At times the lift lines bordered on ridiculous.  The snow was fantastic though so that helped. I didn't get to ski much of the mountain since I was with my wife but we still had fun.  

Now what would make me not want to go to Alta (or Snowbird) again is the road in and out of there.  It took me about an hour to get down the canyon and I almost got taken out by a very very large rock that came tumbling down the hillside.  The guy behind wasn't so lucky though.  It hit his rear wheel and blew out his tire.

It has been a pretty good week and I hate to return to return home but at least I'll have another 2 or 3 weeks of skiing at home before heading to Breckenridge at the end of March.
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Still waiting for those pictures promised in the first post

Sounds like a close call in the canyon.  I bet you could travel that road a thousand times and not experience a close rock-fall.  Sounds a bit scary.
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It's been a long long week at work with a 16 hour day on Wednewsday and 12 hour day yesteray but I did manage to get them uploaded to photobucket. 

I'll have them up in a minute.
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 From Powder Mountain

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From Alta.
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And some actions shots that were taken at Alta.

They were taken on Crooked Mile.
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Originally Posted by cstreu1026 View Post

It's been a long long week at work with a 16 hour day on Wednewsday and 12 hour day yesteray but I did manage to get them uploaded to photobucket. 

I'll have them up in a minute.

Hey Hey...There he is right there.

Nice pictures.!!

Thanks for posting them up.
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and this is what we did on our day off.

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Nice report!  Hope that wasn't supposed to be a launch.
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No it was a static test.  The last one ever for a space shuttle solid rocket booster.  The SRB for the Ares I is 25% larger but I don't know if that will see the light of day since the current administration has decided to cut the Constellation Program from the budget in favor of paying the Russians to shuttle our stuff to space.  If ATK does conduct another test of the Ares SRB we may try to make it out to Utah for that, especially if it is at night.
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Very cool.  That had a very smooth tail-off -- I didn't really see any big spurts.

I worked on Ares 1X, and saw it launch from KSC in October, which was a real highlight.  Pity the program is going to be cancelled.  Congress may yet keep it alive, but the administration has clearly withdrawn support at this point.
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I worked for Aerojet Propulsion in Rancho Cordova, CA for a few years, and open testing of rocket engines was always a huge event.  Most of ours were in stands that fired vertically.  Nice report.
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My wife got to see a test of a liquid fueled rocket engine a couple of years ago in California. 

If the governement wasn't looking to end the program I might have been able to convince my wife to move to Utah which would have been a HUGE improvement over Ohio.

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