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First time at Sunday River and would like advice

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This is our first ski trip to Sunday River. We are going the second week in March. My husband and I stay mostly on the blues but I would like to try a few black diamonds by the end of the week. We also have a 6 year old daughter who can handle a wide blue. I was wondering if there were any recommendations how to tackle the mountain, where to eat in Bethel or anything else that you'd be willing to share.

Also if you could we are planning to drive up Saturday night so that we can get to the mountain early on Sunday so if anyone can suggest a cheap place to lay our head, that would be great too.

Thanks in advance,
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if you can get there early in the morning, Jordan Bowl (kind of a misnomer, it's not a wide open bowl or anything) is a great spot to get some nice long runs in at your family's ability level.  Lollapalooza is a long wide rolling green, and there are two blue trails Rogue Angel and Excalibur (i think those are the names) down the same peak, just a little bit steeper the closer they get to the lift, but they are plenty wide.

you can get to jordan in two chairs now from the main base at South Ridge, take the Chondola and go skier's left down dreammaker from the top of that.  go left on sensation and arrive at the bottom at the aurora lift.  take that up and ski down cyclone to jordan lift.

after you tackle jordan and want to work your back, try northern lights on Aurora peak, another long wide blue.  Airglow is a good single black run to try as well.

on the next peak, spruce peak, there are two wide blues, American Express and Risky Business.  They're kind of signature trails for SR, they dump a ton of snow on them.  Not my favorites, they can get crowded and the chair is slow, but plenty of people like them.  Downdraft is a straightforward single black, nothing tricky.

You might find yourself at the Barker base area in the morning, Right Stuff is a pretty easy single black if it's not bumped up.  you can usually tell from the chair if it is.  The single blue from Barker, Lazy River, is alright, it does give access to one of the only two single black gladed areas, i don't know if i would try it though if you're only just trying single blacks for the first time.

North Peak is a lower peak, but it's got some decent trails on it.  Dreammaker is a fun run for kids usually, and 3D can be a challenging blue (they used to never groom it, but i think it's often half groomed at least now.)

Finally, little white cap has short blues and greens and is uncrowded. 

I'd avoid the tempest trails, there's not much positive to say about tempest and jibe.  White Cap is probably too challenging for you guys at this point, but Obsession is a nice trail if you're feeling confident.  Never been a huge fan of Locke Mtn either, especially near the bottom where it's a race course.
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the norseman Inn and motel, just down the road
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