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Watea 94s vs. AC50s

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I'm a solid intermediate skier in the PNW transitioning from about 80/20 frontside to 50/50.  I've been on AC50s for two years now.  While great in the crud and on the frontside, I've found them a bit unforgiving when dealing with short turns or deeper snow, mostly because of the unforgiving tail (almost ejected me more than once).  No doubt that this has much to do with my limited backside experience.

Anyway, was thinking about trying something a little softer/forgiving (Blizzard 8.7s, Gotamas, etc.). 

Just saw a smoking dealing on Tramdock for Watea 94s (just over $300) and ordered them.  Would have loved to have demo'd first, but couldn't pass it up for that price.  Still have time to cancel the order though. 

How will the Wateas perform in comparison to the AC50s?
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The Watea's are light weight and flexible and therefore, are soft snow biased.  I have the 186's and am 6'-1", 200# and the Watea's were too flexible for me in firm and heavier snow.  I also bought them w/o demo'ing (end of season sale, last year).  The skis were great in all soft snow conditions, but, were not great in the heavier crud.  I ended up buying this year's Gotamas and couldn't be happier.  If you are a lighter weight, or non-aggressive skier, then they still may be good for you.  I wouldn't have known any better, except I demoed the Goats and could not believe how much better they were for me . . . needless to say, my Wateas have now been demoted to early season soft snow rock skis.  Good luck.

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If you want a more traditional ski than the Goat, try the Manta.  It's stiffer then the Goat and will give you more pop on the hard-pack stuff.  But the Goat will ski better in heavier snow with the slight rocker tip while the Mantra will need a more traditional up-weighting to get through that PNW cement.  Either way, everything has a little trade off. 

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