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Originally posted by nolo:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />LEARNING is easy.
I have to disagree. I have never learned anything worth knowing nor had a learning experience worth having that did not involve a healthy amount of psychic and or physical pain, fear of failure, and self-loathing--aka blood, sweat & tears. Learning takes guts, perseverance, and honesty. When you are experiencing the most pain and confusion is when you are on the cusp of a growth spurt. This is the hardest thing of all to learn--not to shrink away or be repelled from the pain and confusion but to meet it head-on and go right through it.

This is The Wall. A teacher is not afraid of The Wall because it always stands in front of An Important Insight.

Educators love cognitive dissonance. Students hate it.
</font>[/quote]Thought I'd start a new topic....

Been trotting off to fitball classes lately... as you can imagine for me these are REALLY hard....

However the last week or 2 I am improving a LOT....

Instructor & I were talking about it.... he says he has had people can pretty quickly get to all the basic stuff... but then they get STUCK.... He said they never learn to start doing what I started learning to do tonight.... He thinks they never will - that they lack the ability...(he meant physically)...

I said they lack the MENTAL ability... although I was slightly unsure of exactly what I meant by that...
but I think this is what I was trying to get to....

They are unable to see that they may push past the barrier... so it is an unclimable barrier for them... they cannot envisage the effort they will need to climb the wall(or push through) so they stay safely on the safe & easy side....
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A memorable statement about teaching: The choirmaster who only selects the children with good voices for his choir is no teacher, for he only wants to spend his time with those who already can sing; the teacher wants to spend time with those who cannot yet sing.
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I think it's important for us to appreciate that in these examples were are discussing are "kinestic" learning. And, to acknowledge that our brain has built in mechanisms that more often than not say "don't do that".

Our brains are all about self-preservation:
- when the body starts to burn a lot of calories the brain will say "slow down"... in the days of cavemen you never knew when the next meal would come and our bodies learned to take fuel and store in cells for later use (fat cells). in today's world, we don't have to worry about where our next meal is coming from... but our brain still responds to exertion with "slow down" responses for fear that we will bunr all of our fuel
- the brain is the FEAR factory... anything that doesn't feel safe or right will trigger a fearful response which prohibits the movements needed in athletic activities

In both of these cases we must learn how to override our brain's natural response. I was able to do it by educating myself. IRONIC, eh? I learned about these responses my brain has, what triggers them, and why. And, I learned that it's safe to override them.

As for learning, I do think it *can* be easy. Some instructors (or whatever word you like to use) are brilliant. They create a safe environment and true learning happens easily. Some learners have roadblocks to learning. I can definately see Nolo's perspective. In a quest for teaching excellence - we strive for making learning easy!!

In the end, it's a partnership: we have to "control" our brains and the instructor has to be good at creating a safe learning environment.

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Kieli - not so much fear with me (although I am a BIG chicken naturally - but this is done in a wrestling training room - so all nicely padded & pretty safe)

I am simply not 'wired' for these fine control balancing movements... (or gross ones really)
That is one thing the instructor noted - now if I start to overbalance one way I will push down with the correct hand to help me rebalance - the intensity is still off often - so I oscillate wildly a lot - but I am using the RIGHT side of my body ... Need to learn to use legs(knees) more readily... but it should come as the hands have....

I am literally 'rewiring' while learning....
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