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Mother with injury issues

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Last weekend my mother and brother came up to my school so we could go skiing at steamboat and winter park. My mom used to work at breck as a lift operator for 7 years so shes definantly not new to skiing. The second day at winter park we were skiing the jane in some skied out powder and she caught a tip or edge which twisted her knee somehow and may have torn her meniscus or acl (mri comes back tomorrow). Last time she went skiing she caught a tip and fell face first and planted her hand into a rib, which fractured her rib. She skis by weighting and unweighting like she would on straight skis. Im wondering if her technique has something to do with her falling and tearing herself up. Also I am wondering weather her bindings are set too high or not. She only skis once or twice a year nowadays but she wont set her bindings as a type I skier and insists in setting them as a type two or three, she doesnt ski fast anymore so i dont think she really needs her bindings tightened. If anyone has any clue to what happened let me know.

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Your mom is probably not going to be skiing for a few weeks, but, she's going to need to come to the decision to re-evaluate her technique. Until you allow her to come to that realization herself, you'll drive yourself(and her) crazy trying to convince her otherwise.
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yea the mri comes back tomorrow, she probably wont be skiing the rest of the season
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Going to ressurect this post with an update, it was a torn acl (ouch, and she skied down the hill with it) surgery is done and pt is done, one of the best knees that doctor has ever done and its stronger and more flexible than her other knee, great job to doctor crockette in kearney nebraska, she will be back to 100% by november

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