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Durango, CO - February 17 - 22 - THE BEST SKIING EVER!!

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We took a half day off work and drove up to Durango, CO last Wednesday.  From Tucson, that's about 9 hours and 45 minutes.  Thursday morning, we went up to the ski area.  I knew that they had received around FIVE feet of snow back in January, but they hadn't received much since then.  There was good coverage...I saw very few bare spots, but the snow was definitely BOILERPLATE!  I thought it was going to be a really boring 4 days.  On Friday morning, it started to snow.  And it snowed, and it snowed.  At times it was like a white-out.  They got around 8 inches Friday, 8 inches Friday night, and 8 inches on Saturday!  Over TWO FEET of snow by Sunday!  I have never skied in powder up to my knees for THREE days in a row!  It was EPIC!  Every morning, we'd drive up to the resort, and the tracks from the previous day were all filled in!  We had freshies Friday, Satuday and Sunday!  The new MacCormack Maze was awesome too - A new area of 240 acres of tree skiing...with 2 feet of powder!  I thought I died and went to heaven!  Oh yeah...and it was STILL snowing when we left Monday morning!  AWESOME!  I would include pictures, but I haven't downloaded them yet, and I have to work today to afford the next ski trip!
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It's definitely been among the best winters of late for good storms. This weekend was great. Everything is covered an all options are open. Now the damn sky is clear and it's cold with quality snow everywhere......bluebird days are a damn shame. More snow on the way, maybe.

Hope to see your pics.
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I skied "Purgatory" one three day weekend.  Rustic, beautiful, and was also blessed with three days of bottomless champagne... and no crowds.  Good to hear it is still nice there under the new image/name.
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The new Maze area is reminiscent of Log Pile/West Drain at Telluride. A nice addition.

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All of SW Colorado got nailed over the weekend.  Wolf Creek had 49" in 72 hours, and Telluride had 31" from Friday to Monday.  Silverton Mountain got hammered too.  The avalanche danger is off the scale in the backcountry, but the areas are looking really good.

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Must see pictures....
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Silverton Mt.jpg
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you tease..........  nice pole basket.......
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Wow, that's awesome!
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Hey SkiFox:

Sorry, I didn't mean to highjack your thread.  Glad to hear you had such an excellent time at Purgatory.  The new MacCormack's Maze also reminds me of the West Drain at Telluride. There are some good lines in there that stay out of the gullies, but you need to know where to go, because most of the terrain tends to funnel you into the low spots right away.

I was in Telluride for the weekend, and had a similar experience.  As you noted, we have good coverage, but it was getting pretty beaten down, and the new snow was much needed.  MF

For those of you that liked the picture, if you check the Silverton Mt. web site, they have a couple more good ones.
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I rode up the lift with one of the locals, and she gave me a hint for staying out of the "ravine" in McCormack's Maze.  She said to follow the boundary rope all the way to the far end, then stay close to the rope all the way down.  She was right!  I avoided the ravine and had excellent POW all the way to the bottom of the Legend Lift (#8). 
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