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Need ski length Advice for a novice female skier, 5'6" 115lbs

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I'm helping a friend's wife shop for skis (husband is a snowboarder, so hoping to help one of the two down the right path)  She's very athetic and rather aggressive for a novice.  I have no doubt she'll advance quickly.  What length of ski should she be considering?  My gut says around 150cm - but I'm not sure. 

I'm game for any advice - thanks

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bargain bin, last years stuff in one of the parabolics that was entry level.  Just something that helps turn, and isn't going to hurt you to let go on Craigslist for $50.  150s wouldn't be too far off.  Pretty much anything, including picking up cheap rental skis, would work.

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 If she's a novice, she probably doesn't know what kind of skier she wants to be.  I'm 5'8, 120# and began on short little thingies like 150-154.  Hated the length.  I was inclined to be intimidated by a longer length (ski shops see "female" and assume they want something "easy" to handle, and stupid me, i listened...), but tried out the 160-165 length as a beginner and loved the stability a longer length gave me.  I only learned that after spending some $ on shorter skis which I fairly quickly didn't like.  I routinely ski 170-180+ sizes (almost ALWAYS "men's" skis since somehow the industry has decided that we women don't want speed or stability...)
I think too many women listen to "advice" to go shorter, or stick with women's skis, because of misconceptions about their abilities, desires, and style.  When I go to demo, for instance, I usually can't demo women's skis...because they only offer them in short lengths.  

I would have her demo something in a shorter and in a longer lengths before going through the motions of buying her something.  I don't know if this is gender-specific, but I notice a tendency for female skiers--esp novices--to find the "perfect" ski and assume/decide that this ski is "it" for a really long time.  So if you buy her something that isn't going to let her grow, she may stick with it long after its use, which can hold her back.  

Maybe that's just stupid advice from me...i haven't had enough coffee today and my brain gears aren't all meshing.
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Drjoyus - not stupid advice.  I'm looking for any opinions and advice.  I'm not a female skier.  I know what I like.....  I'd discounted the 'length' in favor of agility and kinda forgotten about stability. 

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 I am 5'5" 145lbs. I ski a K2 Apache, (man's). I am not sure of the length, but somewhere between 147-153. I get my skis confused. 
Not big on chick skis either but I am willing to try them.

The thing is she is a novice. Doesn't matter if she is athletic, all guys say that about women they know. They are all athletic. She needs a ski that is firm under foot (you should maybe post this for the gear guys) and flexi at tip and tail. Not too long, probably the same size as mine.

This idea of buying a ski a woman or anyone can grow into is a seriously bad idea. Yes, let me tell you about the level 1-4 skiers showing up with 100+ flex plug boots and stiff skis, they can "grow into." Where do people get this idea as a good idea? 

My advice is this; get a hold of the gear guys on this forum,....get her a ski and boot at her current level, make sure she has a good footbed, demo several skis, ski the same run with the boots she owns.  
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