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Ankle problem, help?

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Hey guys,
I recently bought a great pair of Dalbello Proton 9 boots & love them. My right foot fits in them great, but my left foot always tends to give me alot of inside ankle pain. When I take off my socks & look down at my feet, my left foot-inside ankle sticks out slightly more than my right foot, inside ankle does. I already have smart feet inserts in both boots & actually put in a small rubber heel lifter underneath the right side of my left boot's smart feet insert at the direction of my local ski shop owner. Is there anything else I can do about my larger, inside left ankle or will I be doomed for life regardless of what boots I buy in the future with my left ankle being slightly larger than my right?
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 You just need to get the boot punched or ground  in that area to accommodate the larger ankle. See a bootfitter.
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