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Giant Slalom 9:30 Today: Predictions Anyone?

Poll Results: Bode starts the GS in 31st position and

Poll expired: Feb 24, 2010 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 60% of voters (3)
    Bode makes the top 10 after the first run and the whole world watches the 2nd run (excpet NBC viewers)!
  • 40% of voters (2)
    Bode DNFs in the first run after getting caught up in the ruts!
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Bode skis a horrible race, and gets ready to kick butt in the SL.
  • 0% of voters (0)
    The race is canceled due to bad weather.
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Will it start raining mid-mountain and officials cancel the race?
Will Ted ski a clean race and podium?
Will the Italians (Blardone and Simoncelli) rule the day?
Will Hirscher stay hot and get his gold?
Will NBC actually show Ford and Zamansky skiing since they are seeded just before Bode (31st)?
Will Bode come out of nowhere (he hasn't been on a GS podium since 1997), land in the top 10 after the first run making everyone in the USA hate NBC even more?
Will everyone here circumvent NBC by watching a live feed on their computer?

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Hirscher is too amped up, no podium.
Blardone isn't arcing cleanly enough, back after first, blows out 2nd run.
Ligety podiums, by skiing his cleanest GS in a long time. Clean arcs.
Cuche overcomes the broken thumb {a bigger injury than most realize} and podiums. Guts it out.
Or, he can't grip a pole, in which case Janka podiums. One of those two is on the podium.
One of the Norwegians podiums.
Bode goes for it, but can't quite get it done from 31, blows out second run just hammering and feels great about the effort.....or he podiums.
NBC shows all of the US skiers.

Tommy Ford posts a top 15, maybe a top 10.

Zamansky does do much {slow or out}, leading to all of the US fans wondering why Jitloff didn't get the start. That's the only prediction I'm confident of.
Other than Ted, I don't see the pure "tech" skiers on the podium. Going to be big clean arcs that win on this hill, and this surface....particularly second run.  If Cuche was fir, he would just own the gold, IMO.

It should be a great race.....too bad we have to deal with NBC.

And yes, I'm waiting for a some info on a direct link. I think we may be the ONLY western country on the planet that doesn't have real time top to bottom access. If I were Bill Marolt, doing everything possible to raise money for the USSA/USST in this economy, and was dealing with NBC in a year with my team's best success ever, I would be nuclear. Too bad. It also hurts the endorsement income potential for the alpine athletes. Sucks.

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The only reliable prediction is that NBC's video coverage of those they choose to show will be great but their coverage of the event will be abysmal.
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A direct link is www.fromsport.com  and, obviously, http://live.fisski.com/live412.htm  for the live split times. 
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I tend to watch the video, while I have the L-T up on my Blackberry. Check the splits after the fact, due to the lag. Call me nuts, or a fan. Thanks for posting!
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I like Cuche in this race. Also Raich, Ligety and Hirscher.
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OK, here come the forerunners...the live feed is working...and we are set to go without  NBC!
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My money is on Benny Raich...
US guys: Ligety can always podium in a technical event.  Bode is probably too tired and had too long of a good luck streak, but he can end up anywhere, including the top spot.  Svindal is in great form, but he is a speed skier...  Let the best man win. 
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Didier ain't cutting it, Blardone & Hirscher are...and Janka killed it.  They seem to all be slowing on the bottom.  It the show getting warmer that fast? Well, at least we can see Ted's helmet a mile a way.
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 Where do you get the live feed? 


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See above post where I gave the link.  Click under "Other Sports" and click on alpine skiing.  Or try http://www.fromsport.com/video-185010.html  directly.  It may not be in English, but anything beats seeing selected racers half-a-day after the event on NBC (Nothing on time Broadcasting System).  If you see a commercial, it is because of the after-15 racer TV  commercial break.
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feed just died on me...about when they mentioned bode...
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No problem, just click on http://www.fromsport.com/video-185010.html  again in a new window.  It happens, but it beats NBC.  BTW, if you don't click on any of the fromsport ads you should not have spyware problems.  The link has been good all week.
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quant, thx, try to reload now...
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cool, bonus, back in and in English!! That is a first.
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Bode is up next...
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Bode Skis NOW!
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
DNF Bode...back after lunch to see of Ted can pull a rabbit out of his hat.
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Obligatory spoiler-averting

lines of random text which should be sufficient to make the rest not show up in the thread-view.

Ligety's theoretically within striking distance of the podium, but it'll take a killer second run. He'd need to pass Richard, just ahead of him, and Baumann (who's in second, and just barely, but I have doubts whether he'll be able to back that up with a second run). The hard part is he'd also need to pass three of Janka, Svindal, Blardone, Hirscher and Raich. I could maybe see him catching Raich (who seems to have gotten a bit careful or something), but otherwise that's a pretty formidable line-up.

Ligety has a bit of a history of uncorking great second runs. It's a safe bet he'll be very fast at his fastest, and we'll just have to see whether he can hold it together top to bottom.
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Well, it is warmer and another arcing course.
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No spoilers here ....................................................................

Pretty awesome run by Eric Guay. Too bad he started with a disappointing first run....
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Ted isn't there.  Oh well...  Oh yeah, "Spoiler Alert" like it matters.
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Wow! These games belong to Svindal and Bode.  Fortunately Svindal DNF/DSQ more than Bode or anyone else in the SL.  Bode still has a chance to make history, and Ted is skiing great SL (at least that portion of it in the SC).

Again, Austria gets smoked.
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Hmmm. Apparently in the Olympics, they let everyone take a second run.

Guay was crazy fast at the top of the run (which is, of course, the part you almost never see in the TV coverage). Second fastest run, and he winds up in 16th. There's a lesson there, I suppose. Of course, Jansrud was even faster, but he at least got a very nice medal for it.
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I guess some people care, get upset so I'll try ^^^^^^^^^^

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
A day for the faster bigger, clean arcing guys. As many predicted, based on the required set for the hill. So, it didn't work out for Ted and it would have been a miracle for Bode. I like this podium. All class acts. Great job by all three. I came kind of close on the predictions if you consider that I picked about six guys for the three spots! Thought we'd see Cuche or Janka, and Jansrud or Svindal. And I had Ted as my USA pick. Surprised that Hirscher was right there. He's going to be a real force, along with Janka, for years. Could see him do something in the SL. I think this broken thumb has been troublesome for Cuche. He's such a great competitor. I love to watch him ski, and I'm sad that he didn't medal. He does have one medal, a silver in SG, way back in 1998. Can't wait to see what NBC comes up with.
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I watched both runs live on CTV TSN network http://www.ctvolympics.ca/video/tsn/index.html?cid=viewersguide

Those of you posting spoilers, should use the spoiler block. It is a black square icon next to the quotes and smilie face icons.  It covers the results so those who don't want to see results yet don't see them, but those who want to look behind the block can see it by clicking   It looks like this....Please learn how to use it.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Ted Ligety is in the 8th slot and Bode DNF (off-course).  He was way off the pace when he inclined into a gate and caught an arm, and the uphill ski slid out.  He skied off the course near the bottom.  He was never in the running.
Switzerland JANKA Carlo 1:17.27 0.00
Austria BAUMANN Romed 1:17.29 +0.02
Norway SVINDAL Aksel Lund 1:17.43 +0.16
Italy BLARDONE Massimiliano 1:17.47 +0.20
Austria HIRSCHER Marcel 1:17.48 +0.21
Austria RAICH Benjamin 1:17.66 +0.39
France RICHARD Cyprien 1:17.86 +0.59
United States LIGETY Ted 1:17.87 +0.60
Slovenia GORZA Ales 1:17.95 +0.68
Croatia KOSTELIC Ivica 1:18.05 +0.78

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