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Race Carver for the East

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I ski Fischer Watea 84s at 184cm off piste and in soft snow.  I have an old pair of Fischer RX8's (176cm?) that are just about done.  I like how my Watea's perform in the trees and soft snow.  Heck, they even work in the bumps.  

I'm looking for a quick turning race-carver that'll handle the East's hardest (ice) snow conditions.  I actually considered a slalom ski for the tight radius, but have reconsidered after reading some posts about slalom ski application.  However, I like to make a lot of turns on the way down.  I just love the feeling of going quickly from edge to edge.

I'm 200 lbs @ 6 feet, and have been skiing since 1967.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Stay with Fischer and look at the Progressor 8 or 9+

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Just sent a PM to you echoing Eric's comments.....9 is more race like while the 8 is slightly softer and in my opinion, easier for tighter turns/moguls......with year end sales starting, you might be able to grab a pair for around $500 (or less).....
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 My two faves so far are the Kastle RX and the Head WC iSpeed.
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 Never skied Kastle and have heard good things about Head.  How many of you ski the Fischer Progressor line?
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 I didn't like the Progressor as much as those two skis.
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Head Super Shape Speed, or iSpeed, smack in the middle of SL and GS...and its a 100% race ski.  Also known as a cheater ski.
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You will love the Stockli Laser SC (the Laser SL is too race specific), which has a tail somewhere between a SL and GS ski.  Any of the Volkl Tigershark series will work fine.  The Volkl SL is fairly versatile, believe it or not.  BTW, Stockli got a few medals already at the Olympics (SG & Ski Cross) even though they have little sponsorship $.  You can't go wrong with the HEAD SuperShape, either.  All great carvers that I tried.
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 Thanks for the advice, folks.  I'll compare the Volkls, Fischers and Stockli skis.  I looked at the Head Super Shape.  It's awfully heavy.
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Fischer WC skis.
Head SS Speed, i. Speed, or SS if you don't ski fast.
Völkl racetiger
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What about the Blizzard line G-Pro's or the Supersonics? I'm on the Supersonics and it is a great ski for Eastern powder....
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Another vote for a 'cheater' race ski.
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I vote for the true race version Blizzard Mag SL 165cm. Actually I vote for any race ski. Dont get any high end low end ski. Get the real thing and with a race plate. What plates are on the supershapes? If its the CP13 then better get the SL race ski with the VIST racing plate.

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