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 What are the implications of removing Vist Plates? I have a pair of Head World Cup iGS RD 183 factory- equipped with plates - bought the setup here lightly used and had DeSantis tune them (I think 1/3) - they're just unbelievable at speed - damp, smooth and solid with tenacious edge hold, but at moderate speeds they're way too much work to get hooked up. Are the plates stiffening the midsection substantially? Would mounting the bindings directly on the ski give me something easier to bend without destroying all the stability? I'm a big guy - 220lb - and a strong skier, but no longer race and don't always ski on hills where 40+ mph is appropriate, so something more versatile would be handy. I'm not looking for a true all-rounder from a ski with a SCR of 25.4, just something which doesn't scare everyone into the woods.  I do have other skis in the quiver, so if this is truly how these need to be set up I'll just keep them for those wide-open days.... Thanks!
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