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Probably should start a new thread, but I'd rather just mention this, happened this weekend.

Huge line because the lift started late and ran at slow speed all day.  Most of the skiers were on a huge discount due to a special.  So the lift line had maybe 250 or more and every one was patiently waiting.  There were 3 people in front of us in the non-singles line.  Two separate and go forward while one holds back a bit, (part of the plan).  Three kids 16 - 18 or so in age duck under the rope, cross the first line of people then duck the second line and join the kid right in front of us.  We were 2/3 or more of the way through the line.  I looked at the situation in disbelief and then told them in stern words to get out.  They turned around and ignored me and I proceeded to lean heavily (speak loudly) telling them to get out.  I stepped it up and everyone knew and heard me make my point - I was loud and firm.

My son was with me and doesn't like a scene and he knew I would not stop until the issue was resolved in my favor.  He has a cool head, but I was not about to let the spoiled douche bags blatantly cut the line and most importantly, in front of me.  I let people slide often but this was bull$#!t and I wasn't going to let it slide.

I am an extremely effective yeller and I know they would have finally gotten the message.  It was three against one but I wasn't going to back down.  But the boy (son) grabbed me and insisted that I let it go.  So I did.

There was one more guy in the next line over who was older.  He was also part of their group who was already in line - he kept quite.  I have to say, I was livid and probably would have gotten thrown out for that action I was about to take.  They were lucky though, I have not been in that state of rage in a long time.  I am glad to have skied the rest of the day.  The older guy waited at the top and apologized and acknowledged that they were way out of line.  That was good.  The three who cut did not.

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Here's a typical I see fairly frequently.  Six pack line.  Lifties at this resort are good at working the corrals and filling the chairs.  What the punks there do is team up as six.. Then right as the chair comes round the wheelhouse 3 go and 3 stay.  When they do that right in front of me I often wait til the 2nd group  of 3 starts skooching uo to the 6 chair and I push up and join then at the last possible second saying in my best gaper voice "Looks like you folks have room for more" 
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We had to wait another 10 min or so with these guys moving with us through the line.  it was not a good situation.  I was going to discuss the situation with lift line "hosts" but again my son just wanted to let it go.

They do that at the Jiminy six pack, but less often lately.
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