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So, I'm trying to replace my 3 year old Rossi Z9.   I have enjoyed them on mostly groomers, but they give me problems on moguls (my technique is at fault, too, of course), and frankly, they are just too heavy to carry and too stiff.  I'm level 7/8, ski mostly in New England, 46 yo, 5'8", and 160 lb.  No racing background, but consider myself athletic.  Need to strengthen my legs, though, after an ankle injury.  I'm not a speed demon and want to get better at moguls so I can ski with my son on any runs.  (My son just beat me on 3 out of 3 races - it was a sad and happy day for me.)

I had a chance to demo 2010 RX8 Pro at 165 and like it a lot.  Very light and nimble.  Didn't get to push speed too much around the crowd, and ran out of time.  Almost bought it, except I wanted to demo Progressor 8+.

Based on my info above, which would you recommend?  Why would you choose RX8 Pro over P8+, and vice versa?

I'm gonna try to demo P8+ this weekend, but they don't have RX8 Pro, so can't compare back to back.  Looking for more insight before pulling the trigger, probably with dawgcatching, who's been very helpful.

Thank you.